Strawberry ice cream


strawberries - 200gr.

condensed milk - 1/2 jar

heavy cream - 250 ml.


First wash the strawberries and remove the stalks. Crush the berries with a blender until smooth. Some hostesses additionally pass the berry mass through a sieve to release it from the seeds. I intentionally skip this step, I do not mind their light crunch.

Whip the cooled cream with a mixer until stiff peaks. Be patient, the peaks will appear only after 7-10 minutes.

The whipped cream will give a special tenderness to our delicacy.

Pour condensed milk into the fluffy mixture. In the recipe I indicate 1/2 of a jar (about 100 ml), but if you like sweetness you can increase it. Whisk everything with a mixer again, so that the mass becomes homogeneous.

Combine the creamy mass with the strawberries, this is where the cooking ends. Put the mass into a plastic container and put in the freezer for several hours. Usually it is enough for 5-6 hours.

During freezing, look into the container several times and stir its contents with a spoon. This will prevent the formation of ice flakes in the ice cream.

This insanely delicious treat is ready, put it in cremations and garnish with mint and fresh berries.


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