Stress-free bathing of cats

To avoid the constant stress associated with bathing, you should accustom your cat to this process as early as possible. It is better to do it when the cat is a baby. However, it is not recommended to bathe kittens until they have had their milk teeth completely changed: it is better to start accustoming them to water by washing their feet.If you need to accustom an adult cat to bathing, remember: patience is needed no less. Be sensitive and gentle with your cat: the Spartan principle "I pushed him in the water - he swam" does not work here! Cats are very sensitive about their safety, so it is better to put a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub or basin, and to put enough water to cover only their paws. Lower the pet into the water gradually, allowing him to get used to it. Don't forget to pet it and talk to it - nothing calms it down like a kind word from the owner. If the cat is frightened by the process while you are getting ready try to "defuse" the situation by playing with it before you start. This will help her to associate bathing with it in a positive way. You can also use a distraction: put a floating toy, such as a ball, in the water.


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