Successful People In The World

The presence of growing technology. Has made many people connected to each other. Everything is inseparable from the characters who created it. Here are the names of successful people :

1. Mark Zuckerberg

He is the creator of Facebook. The origin was when he spoke to his partner to get the Harvard students connected. A social media that initially only had a few followers. Over time he then developed it in such a way. Then it become Facebook. Which is claimed to be one of the biggest financial producers. Many say that Facebook is not just a chat media. But also for business. Because of its ability to display images and text.

2. Bill Gates

Who doesn't know bill gates. He is the inventor of Microsoft Office. Versatile application in creating documents, powerpoint, and excel. At first he and his colleagues just borrowed someone's computer. Then with his ability he developed a programming language. Until it becomes a Microsoft Office. Without this invention, we might have difficulty completing various tasks on the computer. His work has made him the number 2 richest person in Forbes.

3. Albert Einstein

Known as an expert in science. His brain is said to be smart because it has succeeded in finding great formulas. Like the formula e=mc² and because of this an atomic bomb was created. This bomb has a very high explosive capability of up to hundreds of meters. And its height can soar into the sky.

4. James Cameron

He is a character who is able to create the best movie. One of them is the Avatar movie. And this movie has been successfully sold at a high price in the market. He is able to utilize all available resources for movie needs.

5. JK Rowling

Harry Potter is actually his novel. And because of this persistence. The novel seems to have become a familiar thing after being made into a movie. And we know him with 7 series that are so amazing. Although at first it looks normal.

The characters above are not anyone but humans like us. It's just that their luck and seriousness in certain things have made them able to create extraordinary things. Are you one of them in this next year. Who knows that.


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