Sudden hair loss is very affected

People often do not realize how stress often affects physical health as well as hair health. However, it can affect a person's overall health. This does not mean that stress is always bad. Sometimes, the pressure to focus on one person from one perspective and make good decisions is good. In fact, some people work better under stress and do much better. Stress up to a certain level is good, but although there are no definite criteria to determine what level it is good at, severe stress can lead to anxiety, sudden hair loss and other physical health problems. Many people directly associate stress with sudden hair loss.

Telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss caused by severe or sudden stress. Excessive stress in a person can lead to hair loss, which pushes the hair follicles into a resting phase. Sudden hair loss due to stress appears within 2 to 3 months of experiencing some stressful situations. By the way, our hair falls out every day and it is considered very common to have almost 100 hairs falling out every day. Under stressful conditions a person loses 300-400 hairs and 70% hair per day. In most cases, sudden hair loss is temporary. However, in some cases, the problem of sudden hair loss will continue until the stress problem is resolved.

There is a good saying that 'every problem has a solution', as well as a problem like hair falling out. Treating sudden hair loss naturally is one of the best ways to solve the problem. Are you wandering, how?

Here are some tips to solve your hair falling problem and reduce stress level:

Exercise: Your body secretes a hormone called adrenaline, but when the body secretes too much of this hormone, it can cause stress and sudden hair loss. Regular exercise and physical activity can lower the level of adrenaline hormone in your body. If you exercise regularly, both your body and mind will relax and you will also get better sleep. Your health will also improve as a result of physical exercise.

Get enough sleep and rest: Get proper sleep and get some rest. You do not need special techniques to relax. All you need is a quiet space that you need to create, be it your bedroom or office desk. Sit in a good posture, keep your body upright, take a few deep breaths and focus on good thoughts. To do this, you can use your office desk for short tea breaks or during lunch. Include 20 minutes or more of relaxation in your daily routine. Significant changes will appear in your lifestyle once you start doing this stress relieving exercise. Good sleep is very important to reduce stress. Get enough sleep and sleep properly to reduce your stress symptoms. Once the stress or adrenaline level in your body starts to decrease, hair fall will automatically decrease.

So you need to follow these steps very carefully and being kind with your self by using the other products.


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