Sugar-free chocolates

Place the cocoa butter in a plastic bowl.


We add cocoa powder, milk powder and sweetener. I did not indicate the amount of sweetener, because they come in different amounts, with different sweetness. You can adjust the amount according to your own tastes. We mix it all up.


Now we will heat the mixture in the microwave in sections of 10-15 seconds at maximum power, stirring well each time. It is good if you have a pyrometer. It should be heated to 45 degrees. If not, just make sure it's a liquid consistency and noticeably warm.


Now the chocolate needs to cool. I put it in the fridge. It has to cool down to 25 degrees. If you don't have a pyrometer, then watch the chocolate to thicken a little and become cool.

Then again in the microwave for 10-15 seconds we heat it to 30 degrees. If you don't have a pyrometer, watch for the chocolate to become liquid again. At this point you can add the filling, such as coconut shavings, nuts, dried berries, etc. Stir.


Spread the chocolate into greased molds.


Now the chocolate should be cooled until solidified and removed from the molds.

The resulting chocolate will contain about 22 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of chocolate.


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