Sun-dried tomatoes: recipe at home

Step by step recipe for sun-dried tomatoes at home:

Wash and dry the tomatoes well.

Cut in half and remove the white part and stalk.

Carefully with a spoon remove the seeds and excess pulp, which in any case do not throw away. It will be useful for later use.

Cover a tray or rack with cooking paper or parchment and lightly drizzle with oil (ideally olive oil, but any odorless oil will do, for example, refined sunflower oil).

Heat the oven to 40-60 degrees, that is, the whole process takes place at the lowest temperature to which your oven can be heated.

Lay out the tomatoes with the cut side up and lightly salt them to draw out excess moisture.

Dry the tomatoes for 5-7 hours with the oven slightly ajar.

Sun-dried tomatoes in the oven

After about 4 hours from the start of the process, periodically check the tomatoes for readiness. The tomatoes should remain slightly moist and soft, but not too dry so they don't crumble.

When the tomatoes are ready, transfer them to a dry and clean container of your desired size.

Sun-dried tomatoes recipe.

Each layer of dried tomatoes should be interspersed with dried herbs, such as a mixture of Italian or Provencal herbs, add a few cloves of garlic or chili peppers to taste. If desired - a couple of drops of wine or balsamic vinegar.

What to eat sun-dried tomatoes with.

After that, the contents of the jar or any other container pour olive oil. This is done to ensure that the tomatoes do not oxidize during storage. Tightly screw or cover and store up to a year in a cool place.

Sun-dried tomatoes are ready!


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