Sunflower Honey Very tasty and useful

Bee products are often used in folk and traditional medicine, for nutrition and for cosmetic purposes. Sunflower honey is no exception. The product is not only tasty, but also good for the body. And what are its benefits and are there contraindications to use?


Product description

From what is obtained sunflower honey is not difficult to guess. This information is easy to get from the name. The product is "extracted" by bees, pollinating mainly sunflower flowers. Honey is quite common on the market, and it costs relatively inexpensive.


The result of the work of beekeepers of this species is recognized by its main characteristics:


Fresh it has a light yellow color. Over time, it darkens slightly, there is a mustard color.

The aroma is not so pronounced. Notes of fresh hay and wild flowers can be felt.

The taste is a bit bitter, a slight spice in the throat at the beginning.

A feature of this bee product is a fairly rapid crystallization. He begins to thicken in two weeks after the collection. Full crystallization occurs after a month. The consistency resembles lard with small grain. The rapid transition from liquid to solid is due to the high content of glucose. Here it is almost 50 percent more than in other types of honey.



Any kind of honey is rich in vitamins, trace elements and other substances necessary for the body. If we talk about the benefits of bee products collected from sunflowers, experts point out the following:


In terms of improving the immune system is used for preventive purposes. It has antiviral and bactericidal properties. In addition, the presence of a large amount of glucose gives strength, especially important in the rehabilitation period after an illness.

Helps to solve some problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Helps to improve appetite and normalize metabolic processes.

Beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle.

The product helps to combat stress and irritation. It has a calming effect. For some people a glass of warm milk with the addition of a spoon of honey acts as a mild sleeping pill.

Use the result of the beekeepers and for cosmetic purposes, applying it to the skin. It has a moisturizing effect, promotes cell regeneration and general rejuvenation. The product also accelerates the healing of small wounds and helps to reduce inflammation. Rejuvenating properties are actively used by cosmetologists, adding it to various shampoos, masks and creams.


Possible harm

It is always necessary to remember that any bee product is a strong allergen. Susceptible to it people should be careful. In addition, there are other contraindications to the reception of sunflower honey:


It is not recommended for use by women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. This is due to the same possible allergies. Even if the mother does not have an individual intolerance, it does not say that the child is in the same situation.

Sunflower, as well as other species, has a high energy value. For this reason it is necessary to use it in limited amounts for people with extra pounds.

Any bee product contains sucrose. For this reason it is not recommended for diabetics.

Sunflower honey helps to maintain health and immunity. And this is what children need in the first years of life and mothers during the breastfeeding period. But does this apply to contraindications? Doctors do not say that it is necessary to give up honey completely. In cases with children, it is necessary to include it in the diet in small doses. At the same time, carefully monitor the reaction of the baby's body. If there is no allergy, then the bee product can be safely used.


Tips for use

Honey can be used in food both on its own and as a component of other dishes. Since ancient times, it was added to baked goods as a substitute for sugar and to give a special taste.


To improve health, sunflower honey is used according to certain rules, which depend on the problem being solved:


It is used as an additional remedy in the treatment of anemia. It is recommended to eat up to one hundred and fifty grams daily, drinking fermented milk products. The course can last up to one month.

It is also used to get rid of hemorrhoids. A variety of recipes are used. From sunflower honey make lotions, ointments, homemade rectal suppositories. Also added to warm sitting baths. Of course, also used internally. For external use is better suited not fresh, but candied. Inside it is desirable to take a liquid form, so it will be more effective.

For colds. The most common way is a mixture of honey and milk. But there are also other recipes. One hundred grams are mixed with the juice of one lemon. To increase the effectiveness, the remedy is taken together with a decoction of mint, linden or oregano.


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