Swiss inventor of antiseptic put forward a version of the origin of COVID-19

Swiss inventor of antiseptic put forward a version of the origin of COVID-19

Inventor Pitte: COVID-19 could arise due to mutation of two closely related coronaviruses

COVID-19 could appear due to the mutation of two closely related coronaviruses, and was not created in the laboratory, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of the infectious disease prevention and control service at the University Hospital of Geneva, the Swiss inventor of the hand sanitizer formula Didier Pitte.

“We know that the virus that we call COVID-19 is just one of the coronaviruses. And since coronaviruses often mutate, we can trace these mutations over time. which the virus attaches to the epithelium in the mouth, nose and throat of a person. We began to receive information about the appearance of the coronavirus in Wuhan, without a clue when this pandemic actually began. And today, when we were able to restore the entire series of elements of various phases of S-protein changes, we see that at the beginning of these transformations, there was definitely a genetic presence of two coronaviruses, "the expert said.

According to him, most likely, before the detection of the virus in Wuhan, there was some event that provoked a mutation of the S-protein of two coronaviruses, probably in an intermediate carrier, and allowed the virus to infect people.

“We all remember about Sars-COV-1, which also has such an S-protein, but it is less infectious and different. At the moment there is evidence that there were two close to each other coronaviruses, which at some point were able to deliver genetic material, which explains this sudden modification that allowed the S protein to become so effective that it became infectious to humans ... Knowing that it may have been two coronaviruses whose genetic material allowed the S protein to change is another evidence against the theory that COVID-19 was created in a laboratory, "the scientist explained.


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