Swiss Post is ahead of the world

Switzerland's national postal carrier (Swiss put up) announced the discharge of the u . S .'s first cryptocurrency stamp for creditors.

According to Swiss post, the us of a's first cryptocurrency CHF postage stamp, which include two elements - bodily and digital - could be issued on November 25 in an edition of one hundred seventy five,000 pieces. A complete of thirteen stamp designs could be developed and will cost 8.Ninety francs ($9.Fifty three).

The bodily version of the stamp may be used for the traditional reason of sticking it on an envelope, while its digital counterpart is a virtual collector's object that may be saved, exchanged and sold.

Significantly, when shopping for a Swiss cryptocurrency stamp, creditors will no longer recognize what virtual design is associated with it. Buyers can only realize what the digital twin of the stamp looks as if by using scanning the QR code published on it.


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