Take a Vacation and Stay Home. I Don't Understand Why Such a Vacation

What is a vacation? For me it's a trip without fail. To the sea or just to see other countries or even cities. The main thing is to go somewhere and see something new. To take a vacation and sit at home - that's not a vacation for me. And it's better not to even take one.


I remember my friend saying:

- My parents never went abroad and don't want to, there's no point. And I won't go. You pack a suitcase once, and then you get addicted. You can get up to credits. It's just awful to listen to impressions of travelers every summer and pretend to be delighted when you look at a hundred thousand pictures of them. Why go anywhere?

But one day it got to Turkey and that was it... Addiction. True, without credit. Bonus + vacation pay and on the road.

- How was my life before? So many emotions! So rest every time that the charge of vivacity for the whole year!

Narrates and flips through the photos on his phone, already showing the two hundredth, and this is only the second day of vacation. We need another 12 days somehow watch it with enthusiasm.

Me sitting at home on vacation just makes me nervous. That's what kind of vacation? Let's say you watch TV all day long until your eyes hurt, then you start to plan important things that you won't do anyway, and get upset. And that's even if it's a good thing. If the situation is bad you really will run to defrost the fridge, if it is an old one, or to rewash the kitchen, do general cleaning. After such a vacation a new vacation is required.

It's a mystery to me: how do people rest at home?

To sleep, not to rush and stuff... There are weekends for that. But not a whole vacation.

In my case, dissatisfaction starts. With myself, with life. When I'm not busy, bad thoughts immediately enter my head. That's why I immediately think of something to do, I can't be lazy. It's different when I'm at sea...

What's the situation with your vacations? How do you like to spend it? Do you know how to relax at home? If so, how?


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