Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

Kabul has basically let go of several people in the wake aftermath of the airport incident at Kabul Airport with several Afghans fleeing for their lives  the Taliban has reached out to Moscow and former President Hamid Karzai and other officials including friend, Abdullah Abdullah in the battle to keep power in Afghanistan. 

America promises continued conflict if demands on the Taliban to create an inclusive government does not prevail. Afghanistan has had massive protests led by violence against it's own citizens in the hands of the Taliban. 

Mr. Karzai fell out with the United States due to drone attacks that continue to this day since 2001 Afghan War. The Taliban continues to wreck havoc in the loves of many, whom has taken over the home of Karzai who now lives with Mr. Abdullah.

The United States, Russia,  and France are in the process of sending troops to free its jailed citizens at Kabul Airport.

For right now, our President is in talks with the Taliban on what the US plans to do next about the citizens of Afghanistan and how the Taliban promise to now treat their people. 


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