Talking About Celtic Heroes

This one game is a game made by One Tumb Mobile with a size of 772 Mb. An MMORPG game that has classic 3D graphics. There are many servers that we can choose from in it if one of the servers is damaged. When first logging in to the server the player selects a Hero to play with. There are 5 classes namely Warrior, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, and Druid. There are many Slots if we want to try more than one Hero. Here is the explanation :

A. Warrior

Specialist in attack and defense against enemies at close range. The advantage is that it has high defense but it is difficult to direct the attack if the target enemy takes cover behind the surrounding enemies because it cannot attack from a distance.

B. Rogue

Specialist in fast attack with two blades in hand. The advantage is that it gives double the attack but lacks in defense so you have to wear strong armor.

C. Ranger

A specialist in the field of arrows who attacks opponents from a distance with a bow in hand. The advantage is that it can attack while dodging but it is dangerous if the distance is too close so we must always keep our distance.

D. Mage

Specialists in the field of spells who have various magical abilities with a wand in hand. The advantage is that it has a large elemental attack but it is dangerous if the distance is too close so it requires strong protection.

E. Druid

Specialist in the field of healing who can heal quickly with a stick in hand. The advantage is that it can replenish blood efficiently but is weak in terms of attack if it is not equipped with good equipment.

Celtic Heroes always use the Quest System. From the first time playing until the end of the game. Where the Questnya very much. Such as Defeating the enemy leader, Collecting certain items, Making dishes from collected materials, and Testing some skills. The existence of Quests in Celtic Heroes allows players to earn money and in-game items in addition to completing tasks. Rare items are the ones that are usually targeted. Quests are divided into Main quests and Side Quests. Main Quest is the main quest that is only completed once. While the Side quest can be repeated many times. In Side Quests. There is a Special Quest to get Tokens. These tokens are special items that can be exchanged for interesting items such as Fashion or Pets. Some Tokens must be purchased using real money. There are many vendors in various places who offer various offers. .To be able to complete a set we need a lot of Tokens. There are many types of tokens here. And we can convert it with other Tokens that we have there.Quest in this game does not appear by itself. But obtained by talking to people around the place. There is no limit to the number of Quests that can be accepted. We can also delete it at any time. If we really don't want to finish the quest now.

Players can upgrade skills that can be applied to multiple slots. Each with different abilities. Such as healing magic, regeneration, punch, sword slash, fire signal. This skill is obtained from a Trainee. Where each Skill uses Mana. The higher the skill level the more Mana is used. Some potions can replenish Mana quickly. Every time the player dies back to the Checkpoint. The checkpoints are blue stones scattered all over the place. This stone can make players teleport to other blue stones but requires players to reduce their luggage. Luggage capacity can be increased through purchases with real money. For those who prefer to keep important luggage in their bag. Choose to walk far instead of teleport. Although there is also a place where we can stock up on things in the palace. But there are Pets that can make them move faster. Dragon, Wolf, Imp, Pig, Bear, Horse. There are many Pets that people can choose from. But Pet can not move freely attack. It can only be a kind of vehicle to ride.

The difference from other MMORPGs is that his appearance can change when he is equipped with equipment. There are 4 types of Equipment. Namely Main Equipment that will appear from the outside. Such as Helmet, Body, Leg, Shoes, Shield, and Weapon. Next to it is Jewelry Equipment that gives additional stats. On the other side there is Fashion Equipment that changes its special appearance in addition to Main Equipment, Next to it is Pet Equipment for animal equipment that can be ridden.

Each participant in the game can participate in one-on-one PVP arena when they are in the same position. In the Bar or in the Palace. By relying on their respective skills and equipment. Whoever wins will get Rank and loser loses Rank. Rank here is in the form of a Slot Bar which will increase or decrease depending on the situation. We cannot start a PVP battle if our opponent refuses. There is a time limit in PVP in Celtic Heroes. When the time runs out, the fight is over. Participants will be declared a draw if no opponent is defeated within a certain period of time.

Players can join groups to defeat strong enough opponents. Enemies with more stars are usually stronger than enemies with fewer stars. It's even more difficult when the level is still low while the enemy is around. We need someone stronger as a protector. Automatically group participants disband when the player decides to Log Out. Group formation can be up to five people. Here players use chat to make deals with other players.

We can fish to get goods from the sea. Like fish and oysters. By using a Fishing Rod that can be leveled up to fish in the ocean through whirphool gaps of different levels. These ingredients can be cooked to increase HP and Mana in addition to kitchen cooking. Such as soup, bread, and pie. The higher the cooking level, the better the quality of the food. But it requires ingredients that are sometimes hard to find.

There is a special move that can be clicked if you are bored in the game because the quest is not also completed. Like waving, whistling, and sitting. There are at least more than 20 types of movements.

Celtic Heroes uses a camera that you can slide anywhere with your finger for adjustments. Enlarge and reduce the viewing distance. And change the point of view. With graphic quality that can be changed according to the capabilities of the android settings. Making it can be played on many cellphones. Given that not all cellphones have a strong cpu to run games. Especially for those who only have under 1 GB of ram. Celtic Heroes uses a text reading based system instead of free conversation unlike most other MMORPGs. So there will be many stories that we can know. The scheme is almost similar to Gameloft's Order of Chaos.

Regarding the territory of the diceltic heroes. The area is really a lot. Each section has branches that can be entered. It takes us minutes to walk from one branch to another. With many quests that we can complete while in one place. That's why celtic heroes took months to complete the ending.


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