Tarim Mummies - White People in the Celestial Empire

Not only thanks to genetic examinations and the reconstruction of the appearance of those whose mummified bodies were found, scientists concluded that they belonged to the Caucasoid race. Clothes, which were dressed in the dead, are identical to those worn by tribesmen of the Russian midlands. For example, in the Tarim Hollow, more than a distance from the European region, the graves of three sorcerers were found. An unequivocal conclusion followed that these were three Aryan Slavic witches, who were buried in their ritual attire. Their northern colleagues, who lived many thousands of kilometers away, wore the same clothes.

One might assume that these were isolated wandering representatives of northern tribes. But the nature, number, and vast area over which the European burials are scattered suggest that these were those who lived a sedentary life there. And in various Chinese chronicles there are mentions of "white men with long white hair.

Of most interest is the family mound where the bodies of a man, three women and a very young child were found. It is assumed that they were all members of the same family and had died of some kind of infection. The faces of the man and one of the women were profusely covered with tattoos. During the autopsy of another rich princely burial site a man's body was found which was also tattooed on his face: a falcon's outstretched wings on both cheeks - a symbol of a priest and an oracle in the Slavs' history. The clothing, the tattoos, the nature of the burial and the ochre inscriptions in an ancient language that were made on the bodies of the dead, all testify that they were representatives of Slavic peoples who were part of the ancient society of the Celestial Empire. China has been reluctant to acknowledge this fact.


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