Tasty cake with forest berries

  • Ingredients
  • Milk-750 ml
  • Egg-3 pcs
  • Sugar-275 g
  • Food starch-50 g or flour
  • Savoiardi biscuits-500 g
  • Gelatine-20 g
  • Sweet cream for whipped cream (32-35%)-500 g cold, from the refrigerator
  • Berries-300
  • (whatever you prefer, fresh or frozen)

It's wonderful Diplomat cake - simple, quick, easy, delicious and very beautiful! 

The berry version is one of the freshest.

  And by the way, it's a good cake to assemble with the kids.

In international cuisine this cake is also called Charlotte Cake, it can be made with bought piscoturi or homemade, but whatever it's called, it's delicious and beautiful!

A few hours before you start assembling the cake, prepare the vanilla cream as follows:

1- pour 750ml of milk into a thick-bottomed saucepan and put on the heat until it starts to boil;

- Step 2

- While the milk is heating, in a bowl, whisk together 3 eggs, 125g sugar and 50g starch;

  - Step 3

- Slowly add the hot milk over the egg mixture, stir quickly with the spatula;

 - Step 4

- put the mixture back into the pot and light the fire under it. Stir continuously with the whisk until the custard starts to boil and becomes thick.

Remove from the heat, move the custard to a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap, so that no crust forms on top as it cools.

Leave the prepared cream to cool down completely and only at room temperature, not cold!

  - Step 6

Assembling the cake

Before you actually start assembling the Diplomat cake, first prepare some syrup - just mix about 0.5 cup of warm water with a little honey or sugar. You can replace the water with any fruit juice you prefer or compote, like mine.

  - Step 7

Then pour about 200ml of cold water over the dried gelatine and leave for 10-15 minutes to soak.

 - Step 8

After this time place the pot of gelatine over low heat, stir continuously until all the crystals have dissolved and immediately remove from the hob. Leave on the table for a while to cool.

Be careful not to boil it, just make sure it's piping hot - boiling gelatin loses its gelling properties.

 - Step 9

Now take the removable rim from the round baking tray, mine is 26-28cm in diameter.

Place this on a flat tray or plate on which you will form the cake.

  - Step 10

Slightly cut off the top of each piscot, possibly measure the height of the rim with it and cut to fit.

 - Step 11

First arrange the piscot near the edge of the border, in "legs", with the section down and the sugared side out.

 - Step 12

Then place the piscot at the base of the cake as well, to cover as much of the surface as possible.

Sprinkle a little of the piscot at the base of the cake (the ones at the edges don't have to!). Use a spoon for basting, but you can do it much better with any kitchen brush.

 - Step 13

Back to the cream, in the meantime the vanilla cream prepared in the first steps must be cooled and necessarily at room temperature, not from the fridge!

In a large bowl pour 500ml of cold whipping cream, mix well for 5 minutes at full speed, then add a little 150g of sugar and continue until the whipping cream is firm and not runny.

 - Step 14

Then mix well the cooled vanilla cream (from the first steps), gradually incorporate into it the warm dissolved gelatine.

 - Step 15

Add half of the whipped whipped cream, mix carefully with a spatula or a spatula - the cream for the Diplomat cake is ready!

Keep the other half of the whipped cream in the fridge for the cake decoration at the end.

 - Step 16

Pour half of the cake cream over the pips in the pan.

 - Step 17

Top with a layer of berries.

 -Step 18

Arrange another layer of pistachios and sprinkle them.

 - Step 19

Pour the remaining cream into the pan and carefully level with a spoon.

 - Step 20

Garnish carefully with whipped cream, the one left in the fridge.

Put the cake in the fridge for at least 4-5 hours to set the jelly.

 - Step 21

After cooling, remove the cake border, garnish the top with fresh fruit and serve.

 - Step 22

And a delicious cake - a fantastically good, smooth and tasty cake!



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