Team Spirit told where they will spend $18 million

Where winners will spend their prize money

The prize pool at The International is dozens of times more powerful than at other tournaments. This is easy to see from the list of the richest players in the discipline, which takes into account only the prize money: after winning the TI10, all Team Spirit players were included in its top 20, each of them earned at least $3.7 million during their career (the vast majority of the amount is for the World Championship). The leader of the rating remains captain OG Notail (Johan Sundstein) - the two-time winner of The International from Denmark won more than $7 million in Dote 2.


Soon after the victory, the players of the Russian team told us what they would spend the prize on - and it's mostly real estate. For example, Yatoro plans to "buy a house for the cat and possibly a homestead," and Mira plans to "buy a house and a car for my dad." TorontoTokyo has the most touching story: he recently promised to buy his younger sister an apartment in Moscow - and he will keep his word.


"I'm going to buy my little sister an apartment, just like I promised. She's 11 years old, we talked to her on Facetime, I told her that I would buy an apartment in the center of Moscow," he shared after the win.


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