Team Unique's PUBG Mobile captain was bought out for $15,000

Team Unique PUBG Mobile captain Alexander MilkyWay Trishin has left the team. The cyber athlete will continue his career in Kazakhstan's Major Pride - the transfer is valued at $15,000, which is a record amount for the CIS in this discipline.


Major Pride sports director Artem Volkov commented on the deal for the CYBERSLOVO channel in Telegram. He noted that negotiations about the transfer began with the sum of $20 thousand.

"Team Unique are experienced guys and they own the status of the "first transfer" of PUBG Mobile in the CIS. Earlier they bought a player from M19 for $10 thousand, but this time the conversation was about selling. Our negotiations started at $20,000, but we were able to negotiate a discount.

MilkyWay has played for Team Unique since April 2020. With him, the team has won many tournaments, including ESL Mobile Open Europe & MENA Season 2 and PUBG Mobile Pro League - Season 1 2021: CIS Finals.


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