Techniques to attract money in your life

We all need money to survive. Mabny of us are happy with the money we have but most of us are not so contended with the money we have and sometimes we are running short of money to meet our expenses.

So we all need to earn more money, or save money or attract money towards our life,.

Now you can attract money towards your life by not wasting money, increasing your earning and earning through multiple sources.

So how can we attract money towards our lives?

Let me now tell you that you need to attract the vibration or frequency of money towards you and you can do so by chanting or writing some numbers and 'switch words' that match the frequency of money.

You need to chant these numbers or switch words for a considerable period of time to get results. You cannot leave a single day gap. You have to chant or write them everyday. 

Now let me discuss the frequency nuumbers or switch words. 

The first number is "6" you have to write this number frequently for atleast 55 days and minimum 45 times everyday. This is a money attracting number. . 

The next numbers are "15,  and "24" . You can chant these numbers frequently or write the numbers on your thumb finger or palm. 

You can also write these numbers as many times you want in order to attract money. But you have to this everyday.

The next thing is ,you have to chant " count hole" for atleast 45 times each day for 55 days at a stretch or you can write as many times you can for atleast 55 days. The regular use of these numbers or switch words can actually draw the vibrations for money towards you. 

The very first point to get successful result is not to have any doubt about this process. You have to be confident and you have to believe this process completely. You cannot be doubtful or distrust the process. Look if you do not have trust in this chanting then you will do it hardly for a single day and then back out. But that can never make you a money magnet. 

You have to attract the frequency of money by regular chanting . And complete believe in the process is a must for results. 

This process only requires your firm believe. No money is required in the process,. So you have nothing to lose or invest. You just have to invest fe minutes and your trust in the process which are very much costless . So even if the process is free , the results are very much attractive. Imagine getting to attract a lot of money towards you . Isnt that wonderful that you are not spending a pie but getting to attract such a lot of money in your life??

The very basic thing is that you need to love money. If you do not love money, it will go away from you. So the first basic point in attracting money is to start appreciating money and growing love for money.


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