Technology is constantly evolving technology

Today, it is the basic feature of the era, and it is in continuous development, and the great credit for this is due to the science that contributed to its development and prosperity to be of help to a man in his life, and fortunately, its development does not stop at a certain limit, but rather continues to achieve the best always and to achieve more Technological achievements in various fields.

A person can accomplish many tasks in a short time, from the simplest to the most complex things, such as cleaning the house, spending cooking necessities, washing, and heating, thanks to technology, machines and devices were invented that facilitated people’s lives and made them more luxurious, and this is one of the most important things it provided Technology for people, that it contributed to saving

time and effort. It also helped treat many diseases thanks to the invention of technological medical devices that help discover and treat diseases and contributed to making the world a small village, and thanks to its rapid development, it reached outer space, many of whose secrets were discovered thanks

to technological development. The development of technology has a great credit to humans, and the credit for its development is due to the use of the human mind in what is useful, and the best use of

science to improve its performance. Afterlife in the past was a primitive life, today, thanks to the continuous development of technology, it has become a permanent field for experiments and development, and this is all due to To the development of science as the basis of modern technology.

Technological development defines our future

Technological development is what charts the future for us and paves the way for a better life. Therefore, our next life and its development depend on the science that supports technological development, which will undoubtedly lead to a huge revolution in various fields.

 I see technological development as the basis for the prosperity and progress of countries, and this makes us keen to keep pace with this development with all our strength, money, and mind, and to plan it well to take the positives that we will derive from it, and we are keen to get rid of anything negative in it, that is why technological development double-edged sword.

 We can draw a better future if we use technology in planning. Today, technology controls institutions, governments, companies, and factories, and if we keep pace with technology, we will be able to achieve better profits in all sectors.

 In addition to the health sector, which we always look at with eyes full of hope that we will achieve great technological progress in this sector, as it saves the lives of millions of people from contracting deadly diseases, and if we look closely at the supreme goal of technology, we will find that it is to achieve human interest and well-being, and this is what fascinates me in development technological.

Shortly, technology will dominate our lives; Where we can never do without them, after they occupied our homes with the advanced devices that we used to use, they also controlled our minds and our time with the invention of smartphones and the Internet, and many of the devices that people used to use until they became an integral part of their time and daily use.


Technological penetration in our lives

technology today is penetrating every detail of our lives.So that hardly any house is devoid of the impact of technology, as it is present in the making of our daily food when we use the best machines and devices that help in preparing it, and it is present in preparing our clothes, washing, and ironing, and it is present in our communication with others as if I became a

captive to them. Technology has revolutionized the field of communications and transportation, so we can reach anywhere in the world in record time. Technology has even occupied traditional correspondence and abandoned paper, and we send messages by e-mail, and this has made technological development a friend of mine.

Technology has provided many advantages to our daily life and it has become much easier; Where people make a short effort and get quick service, and at the same time we cannot overlook some of the negatives of technology that some may not consider negatives, but from a social perspective, technology has greatly affected real physical communication.

 Most of the time, people's communication is virtual, and the machines that were invented thanks to technological progress have replaced the labor force, causing unemployment of thousands of educated people.

 Technology has reduced the gap between people on the one hand, it has made life easier for them in general, and they can spend thousands of things in a short time without relying on anyone, but at the same time, it has caused a gap of another kind, which is a cultural gap.

There is technological illiteracy that many people face; Because they do not know how to use modern technology, and I, in turn, made sure to learn all the secrets of technological development.


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