Teenager and social media

Social media in the present World has become necessary now a days.It is an important part of our daily life.our lives and without which social interactions and communication will come to a halt! Its usage has impacted us in both our positive ways and negative ways.

The uses of social media make teens confined within their home with there phones thus adversely affected their relationship, family, neighbours,and relatives too for related activities.They feel pressured to present version of themselves.they get influenced by the so called social media influencers and try to imitate them.most teens waste their precious time scrolling, chatting, creating web content,interacting with unknown people social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, snap and Facebook.

Teens with their smart phones can be seen on the social media websites almost at all times and every where.surveys shows that 80%of teens, from 13 to 17 have used social life.Many have become vulnerable to cyber bullying, depression, anxiety and unhealthy lifestyle.At the very young age all the vices of adult world and they are left unable to differentiate between good and bad. Social media becomes life becomes very useful in our daily life.

Aside from these negative effects, social media if used in the right way is beneficial for teenagers.it helps teens to stay aware about the things that are going on in this world and it connects them with people across the globe.it also improves their social interacting skills and provides them with study material too.

Parents should be the role model for their children,they should teach their teens son and daughter about the usage of social media and their benefits.They  should also makes sure  that there children use smart phone only for a limited period of time and check their phones from time to time in order to keep a track of what their teens are scrolling through.Teens should also be responsible and use their smart phone only during leisure time and for important work.which will benefit them over all.

Teens also started competing with there peers and try to craft an image that makes them popular,they started focusing more on looking and dressing well instead of studying, which risks there future.most teens wasted their precious time of in you tube making videos on instagram.as the parents too responsible for giving to much attention in mobile instead of studying.

Now a days social media become so fast that people used to make funny video and creative ideas in social media influencers.we get many ideas for social media.. Now a days if we want to learn English speaking skills in online classes or cooking classes singing classes or dancing classes and many more it is very easy for us to work on it.But for teens if one side is good on the other side teens get addicted to much on phone only for using Facebook and Instagram.If you are using social media in good way it is very helpful from you but if you take it on bad way it will get you effects and even harm you and your life style.


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