Ten Reasons to Play or Not to Play Fallout 4

Ten Reasons to Play or Not to Play Fallout 4


Well, after reading the last copypasted blog, the original of which was written either under the influence of drugs, or from a great desire to find at least some sucked-out-of-the-finger arguments, I decided to mount a counterattack in the form of this blog, where I tried to give more weighty arguments. So let's talk about the reasons why you should or should not play Fallout 4.


Reasons to play Fallout 4

Reason #1. An incredibly huge world with almost endless gameplay.


All Bethesda games have an open world with tons of possibilities that are only limited by your imagination, free time, and game scripts. In Fallout 4 this is taken to a new level - now you can assemble your own weapons and armor, literally build your own house or settlement piece by piece. In addition, the game got air transport, which has never been before.


Reason #2. New shooter mechanics of the game.


It is known that Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were full of shit shit in terms of shooter mechanics, and that justly scared some people away. In Fallout 4, the developers decided to combat this problem, which will make your time in the game much more enjoyable and the shooting adequate.


Reason #3. Custom modifications.


Past games in the series are very famous for their huge modding community, which is actively supported and encouraged by the developers. With mods, you can greatly expand the possibilities of an already huge game, stretching the playthrough for years.


Reason #4. The magnificent atmosphere of retro-futurism.


A special exclusivity and charm of the series has always given its atmosphere. The world of the game is an alternative future, made in the style of the mid-twentieth century and diluted with future technologies. In no other series you will see how the architecture, culture and other things in the style of the fifties can coexist in harmony with the laser weapons, robots and other technologies of tomorrow.


Reason #5. Create your own virtual self.


Bethesda's games feature very good role-playing, because it's not "attached to the game rails." The game character is an empty shell, which you fill yourself depending on your preferences. You can either be a hero savior or a homicidal maniac. It's all up to you.


Reasons not to play Fallout 4

Reason #1. You're a grafodrocher lover of ultra-modern graphics.


As you know, Bethesda games have long been unable to boast of good graphics. However, no one forbids to smear the game with mods.


Reason #2. You are a whiner who can not read and do not know English, the ideological champion of the Russian voice-over.


Actual cause of fights on post-Soviet game forums. Petitions, boycotts, snot, tears ... you get the idea.


Reason #3. You're a fan of a good story and interesting characters.


Bethesd should have kicked the screenwriter out a long time ago. Given the experience of the company's past games, don't expect anything good in terms of story and characters. Although it's unlikely it will be more terrible than Skyrim. But if the plot and characters are too important for you, you'd better play The Witcher.


Reason no. 4. You don't have enough free time.


Fallout 4 is a huge game that will enthrall you for hundreds of hours. If you don't have enough free time you won't try it.


Reason #5. You don't like the concept of Bethesda games or you are an old timer who likes only classic parts of the series.


There's no arguing about tastes. Accordingly, everyone is entitled to their views. Well, the series with the release of the third part has changed a lot compared to the games released by the "fathers" of Fallout, which many were not to their liking.


Anyway, that's how it is. I wrote the main arguments that came to mind, and play or not - it's up to everyone.


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