Terabyte "apple": Apple unveiled iPhone 13

As expected, Apple introduced four new iPhones: two simpler models - iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, and two flagship units - iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The diagonal of their displays is exactly the same as in last year's lineup - 5.4 inches (Mini), 6.1 inches (13 and 13 Pro) and 6.7 inches (Pro Max).


This year Apple abandoned the devices with 64 GB of memory, now the minimum capacity will be 128 GB. At the same time for the first time in the iPhone 13 Pro will appear memory module for 1TB. Pro-line will also be equipped with displays that use ProMotion technology - the screen of the flagship iPhone is updated up to 120 times per second. In practice, this means a smoother change of image, which is important, for example, in games. Battery capacity of the new devices will be increased: in comparison with the iPhone 12, they will be able to work without recharging for 1.5 hours longer, the creators of new items promised at the presentation.


The most interesting feature the company has introduced this year is the Cinema Effect. This option allows the camera to focus on objects in the foreground while blurring the background when shooting a video - at least that's how it looked at the Apple presentation.


In addition to the new iPhone Apple introduced two new iPad tablet models: 10.2-inch widescreen and iPad mini with an 8.3-inch screen. Vendor also announced a new generation of smart watches Apple Watch Series 7.


Prices for the iPhone 13 Pro at the Apple online store will start from 99.99 thousand rubles, for Phone 13 Pro Max - from 109.99 thousand rubles. The minimum price for the iPhone 13 will be 79.99 thousand rubles, and for the iPhone 13 mini - 69.99 thousand rubles. Sales of all these devices in our country will start on September 24.

According to the data given earlier by MTS, 12.8 million smartphones were sold in Russia in the first half of 2021, which is 5.4% less than a year earlier. As follows from the material of the company-partner of several electronics manufacturers, in January-June in pieces Apple ranked third in this market - the iPhone accounted for 15.3% of sales. First and second places went to Samsung and Xiaomi (32.7% and 24%). In volume terms, Apple has moved up one line compared to 2020, the materials said, with which the "Izvestia" got acquainted.


- iPhones are very popular in our country - Apple took 44% of the smartphone market in Russia in money terms in the first half of 2021," said MTS representative Alexei Merkutov.


He expects high demand for both new iPhones and last year's models. A few months after the launch of the iPhone 12 last fall, the cheaper 11-series device was the best-selling smartphone in Russia, the specialist recalled.


Sales of all iPhone models in the first half of 2021 on Ozon increased by 5.6 times year-on-year, said a representative of the marketplace. It is noteworthy that customers with Android gadgets accounted for almost 20% of all iPhone unit sales, he added.

Alexei Merkutov explains the growth in demand for expensive Apple devices by the increased popularity of high-budget smartphones in general. The share of gadgets costing 50 thousand rubles and more in the period from January to June 2021 has doubled in comparison with the first half of 2020, he says.


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A representative of M.Video - Eldorado also attributes the popularity of the iPhone to the demand for expensive smartphones. In the second quarter of the year, sales of flagship smartphones priced over 50 thousand rubles increased the most, their share in total sales of devices in physical terms is nearly 15%, and in money terms - close to 50%, he said.


In a difficult economic situation, users choose expensive smartphones, which, in their opinion, will last longer, says Denis Kuskov, director general of Telecom Daily. In addition, popular are devices that by their functionality will be relevant for several years, he noted.


- In major Russian cities, 5G communication is expected to appear only in 2024, but the latest models of iPhones already support this standard. Functionality reserve is one of the arguments for buying such a device," said the expert.


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