Tesla Model S review

The new car has a slightly modified exterior with a new bumper, optics, and wheel rims. In addition, Tesla has completely renewed the interior and the filling of the car.Inside the car has a steering wheel instead of the usual steering wheel. How much more convenient it will be, it is difficult to say, but the manufacturer claims, that such a solution gives better visibility. Also engineers have installed a new horizontal display. Now it is similar to the Model 3 and Model Y. The diagonal of the panel is 17 inches and the resolution is 2200×1300 pixels. The system is operated by a computer. Its power reaches 10 teraflops. That is, like a PlayStation 5. You can play games on it. According to Tesla, Stardew Valley, Cuphead, Fallout Shelter and even The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been installed on the system. In the future, there may still be Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, the cabin boasts an optional 8-inch monitor for passengers, heated all the seats and even ventilated front seats, wireless charging pad and USB-C ports. As for the stuffing of the car the engineers have tried their best here too. So, there will be three kitting now: Long Range, Plaid and Plaid+. The base model has two motors, range of 659 km, maximum speed of 248 km/h and acceleration to a "hundred" in 3.1 seconds. The Plaid, in turn, has three electric motors with a total capacity of 1020 hp They can accelerate up to 100 km/h in 1.99 seconds. At that, the maximum speed of the car is 320 km/h, and range - 624 km. The Tesla Model S in the Plaid+ version features 1100+ hp engines, a range of more than 837 km and acceleration of less than 1.99 seconds. Tesla does not disclose the exact figure. Price and when to expect Tesla Model S (2021) is already available for pre-order on the company's official website. Production of the novelty will start later this quarter.


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