Text creation for websites

The website is a creature that we can define alive ! If not given due attention, he dies because the network soon forgets about him. Among the important activities of a site we can say with absolute certainty that the creation of texts for websites plays a vital role!


Text creation for websites, the point of view of web Revolution!

Text is the backbone of any website! Information in text form is the most familiar to most visitors. However, with the help of him, you can influence not only customers, but also search engines . Properly written text for the site will help search engines find the resource faster, give it a higher position in search results, and have a positive effect on behavioral factors. Make sure you pay close attention to writing articles for the site . Poor quality, uninteresting, and non-unique content will only cause harm. But how to write texts for the site so that they are useful ?


How to write a text for a website?

Writing a text for a company website is always a laborious process that requires perseverance, attention and patience on the part of a person . Especially when it comes to services like website development. As soon as a potential customer walks into your site, they're already subconsciously looking for something that can grab their attention and motivate them to stay on the page! It can be an image, a company logo, words of welcome and, even better, a catchy slogan or motto. Before we start writing the text for the site, we need to understand who our target audience is . Only in this way can we determine what kind of information we want to convey and whether this information will be useful for a potential consumer. 


Stages of writing text for a site

Select the topic

This is one of the most important points . Without the ability to work with the topic correctly, you won't know how to write texts for the site. To better frame the topic, for the future text, answer three questions :


What should the reader be told about?

Who is the information intended for (gender, age, social status)?

How will this text differ from other writings on the same subject?


Since the author answers the questions with the help of articles for the site, it is necessary to determine how relevant this question is . Don't worry, you won't have to conduct sociological research: Google already has a service for this purpose, Analytics , with which you can find out the query statistics (keywords) on the search engine!


What do you need to consider?

Don't forget that hundreds of thousands of authors have already written texts for sites on your topics! What does it mean? That your content should be better than what they have created and definitely UNIQUE! . Another important issue is the form of occurrence of the key phrases. For example, you want to write a text about prams, which should contain the phrases "buy a pram". Under no circumstances should you use only exact occurrences! Instead of "buy a stroller", you can write "buy a stroller", this will not worsen the result in any way . Conversely, if you go overboard with exact matches, the search engines could consider it spam and make your ranking worse!


Competitor analysis

To get to the TOP it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel . Maybe your competitors have already created quality articles for the site. All you need to do is check the information they provide. 


Analyze the following indicators:


Volume of texts for competitors' sites;

density of occurrence of key phrases;


Find out as many competitive resources as possible! 



How to write useful texts for the site? It is advisable to prepare a plan. Many authors neglect this moment, it is absolutely inconvenient! The right plan will help you organize your thoughts, ensure consistency in communicating information and, in general, have a positive effect on the quality of your content . You need to find a "frame" of the article for the site. It is advisable to organize yourself in the form of a numbered list. Each paragraph is a ready-made heading that you will reveal when you write. So invent subheadings for the paragraphs. When they are ready, write a brief description of each section .


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