Suddenly my sleep broke and i woke up since the electricity were gone . The whole environment were covered with a blanket of dark and silence.

                  I slowly went down from the bed for a candle and matchsticks. Somehow i entered into the kitchen for matchbox and got a candle from the Cup-board. I went near the table to fix the candle on the stand. Then i sat on the sofa and fall asleep .

                Suddenly the main doors were knocked and the candle fell down . Again the whole room became dark and horror. I got up and moved towards the door and started opening slowly.

[ A man with a mask and a gun in the                hand aiming at me ]

ME - Who are you ?

          What do you want man ?

MAN - I am your Death ☠️

         [  By saying this he fired a bullet at me which missed by an Inch ]

                           I started running inside the house in dark . He also entered into the house . I reached my room crawling on the floor and locked it from inside . Then i went under the bed .That man searched for me throughout the house and at last he entered into my room by breaking the door. He slowly reached near the bed .

MAN - I know where you are , please come out .

ME - (silently sitting there )

MAN - Your countdown begins { 3,2,1…….} 

 ( Then he bent down and shoot on my head BOOM 💥💥) 


                      Suddenly i woke up and sat on the sofa with continuously sweating. I went near the refrigerator and drank a bottle full of water and again sat on the sofa. I was only thinking about that horrible dream.

                               At that time the door was knocked exactly like dream .                I slowly  move towards the door and tried to look from the door hole . No one was there. So i opened the door and surprisingly saw a gift with a letter on it near the door .

                         I picked up the letter and started reading the single line written. 


                                        Your’s DEATH ☠️


                            When I turned back slowly, I saw a man with a gun aiming at me and then BOOM 💥

                           -THE END-

Why the boy killed by the strange man ?     Stay tuned for the 2nd part ;



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