The 2 Biggest Betrayals in One Piece

In a criminal world like One Piece, betrayal is common. Moreover, the one betrayed was the pirate captain, like Luffy. This clearly fits the golden rule of the criminal underworld: There is no honor among thieves.


In One Piece, the betrayal that occurred not only harmed the betrayed pirates, but also tarnished the friendship that might have been established. On the other hand, there are also those who have defected from their initial crew and become crew members on new ships. There was a tragic betrayal, a family conflict that broke the hearts of fans. Something was received, a surprise that made the One Piece story even more interesting.


Of course, there are many major betrayals that occur in One Piece. The Straw Hat Pirates did not escape this betrayal. Their captain, Monkey D Luffy, was once betrayed by his closest people. Then what big betrayal happened in One Piece


1.Kurozumi Kanjuro

Kurozumi Kanjuro is the answer to the fan's question, which character among the allies will become the traitor. Kanjuro has never shown a traitorous vibe. However, his quirky attitude never made him a fan favorite. His lack of emotional connection made him an easy choice for fans as traitors.



Even so, there was still a lot of weight behind Kanjuro's betrayal. He was Orochi's insider from the early days of the Scabbards and played a key role in Oden's downfall and Jack's raid on Zou. It couldn't be denied that he was easily hated from then on.


2.Marshall D Teach

Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, roams the oceans in search of what he has always wanted, family. As strong and large as the crew, their central rule was never to betray or injure the sons and daughters Whitebeard had raised over the years. However, there was one person who had violated that sacred rule.



Marshall D Teach, now known as Blackbeard, is a man of mysterious origin who kills his boss, Thatch, after he realizes that his boss has the Yami Yami no Mi. Unfortunately, this was not Blackbeard's final betrayal. He continued his evil campaign to gain more power.


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