The 3x33 Manifestation Method

The 3x33 Manifestation Method


If you are familiar with the law of attraction and manifestation, you may have tried many manifestation practices to manifest your desires. But most of the time you may have failed in manifesting your desires and wanted to try a better manifestation technique that can work easily for you. Most people are unable to manifest the things they want because they don't know the proper manifestation techniques. The 3x33 manifestation method is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques that you can use to manifest the desires you want within few days or weeks.

What is The 3x33 Manifestation Method?

The 3x33 manifestation method is a powerful and effective manifestation method that can boost your manifestation and help you manifest your deepest desire quickly and effortlessly. This particular method involves writing down your desire 33 times in the morning, 33 times in the evening, and 33 times at night for 3 days. By doing so, you deeply focus on having your desire with you and that submerges into your subconscious mind. Once that thought about your desires gets deeply implanted into your subconscious mind, your mind emits a powerful frequency of your desire that creates a powerful attraction between you and your desire, and then manifestation takes place. 

 How to Use the 3x33 Manifestation Method

The 3x33 manifestation method is very easy to use no matter where you are. And don't take too much time in writing about your desire and focus your intentions on it. Before you begin to use this method you first need to find clarity of what you want to manifest. Clearly decide what you want to manifest into your life experience. If you are not sure what you want, list down any 5 things that you want to manifest and pick any one of them that resonates with you the most.  

Once you clearly decide what you want to manifest, start this method as you wake up early in the morning. Take a pen and notebook or a journal and write a positive statement about your desire in the present tense and avoid using the words of negation. For example, you can write "I am grateful and happy to have a beautiful black car". Once you have crafted a perfect positive statement of your desire write down your statement 33 times in the morning, 33 times in the evening, and 33 times at night before bed. 

As you are writing down the statement imagine yourself having your desire with you and feel as if you have it right and be grateful for it. By doing so you use the power of manifestation by directing your thoughts powerfully towards your desire and the law of attraction begins to respond to your thoughts. After doing that for 3 days you will notice a positive shift within yourself and you will start getting impulses and thoughts about the manifestation of your desire intuitively that will lead you towards taking inspired actions that will ultimately help you manifest your desires. 

In this manifestation method, your main goal is to maintain your focus on your desire so that you can maintain the alignment between you and your desire.

Remove Limiting Beliefs

 One of the most important things to understand before using the 3x33 manifestation method is to remove your limiting beliefs about your desire. Most people aren't aware of the fact that they have been holding many limiting beliefs from their childhood that prevent them from manifesting their desires and in most cases they are unable to achieve what they want. It is important to remove your limiting beliefs first before you begin to use any manifestation method. Limiting beliefs like "I am not worthy of having the money I want" or "Achieving greater things is not so easy for everyone". These kinds of limiting beliefs not only disempower your thoughts and belief system but also prevent your desires from being manifested. 

Instead, you can practice positive affirmations to remove limiting beliefs from your mind. You can say "I am the creator of my own reality and I  can easily manifest my desires" or "My thoughts hold power and I am the controller of my own thoughts". You can say these positive statements louder or in your mind 5 times every day to strengthen your beliefs and clear your mind from all negative and disempowering beliefs. 




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