The 5 healthiest dried fruits

Everyone knows about the benefits of fresh fruit, but about dried fruit opinions are divided. Some consider them a substitute for candy, while others, on the contrary, consume them to replenish vitamins and essential nutrients. Let's find out how useful dried fruits are and whether they should be introduced into the diet regularly.

The product is obtained by drying, as a result of which all the moisture is removed from them. The pulp becomes hard and elastic. In this form, they are stored for a long period without rotting, preserving a beautiful taste and aroma. The most popular dried fruit is raisins, but today you can find other dried fruits and berries on store shelves.

What are the health benefits

The nutritious treat preserves almost all the mineral components and vitamins, despite the fact that fruits today are dried in an industrial way. The product contains a large amount of fiber, which improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Part of the ascorbic acid is destroyed in the process of drying, but this is a reason to refuse to use raisins, apricots, prunes, dates, figs.

Online food market in Kiev FreshMart sells a variety of dried fruits with delivery to your home. Here you can buy freeze-dried pineapples, strawberries, bananas and raspberries. Fresh fruits are vacuum-dried, which preserves all the vitamins and minerals, flavor and aroma remain bright and rich.

How are raisins useful?

They are obtained by drying grapes of different varieties. Preference is given to those that have no seeds. The delicacy is eaten simply, it is added to pastries, porridges, desserts. The benefits of eating raisins have been known for a long time. Its pulp contains:




Regular use of dried fruit has a bactericidal, diuretic, immune stimulating effect. It is also known to have a sedative effect, a positive effect on the nervous system. Thanks to the high content of B vitamins, it increases stress resistance.

Why should dried apricots be eaten?

Dried apricots without a seed can rightfully be called the fruit of wisdom. This terminology was invented by the Chinese, they were inspired by the sight of the fruit after exposure in the open air in sunny weather. After a complete loss of moisture, apricots are suitable for long-term storage. The product contains a large number of nutrients necessary for the body and helping to maintain immune status. This dried fruit is recommended to include in the diet of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as it is rich in potassium.

Prunes for weight loss and elasticity of blood vessels

Dried fruit can be used as a dietary substitute for sweets. Complete rejection of the use of confectionery will help to reduce weight, if the main diet is composed according to the rules of healthy eating. Prunes gives a feeling of satiety, gets rid of constipation and activates the metabolism. It is worth using for people who care about the health of blood vessels. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, slows aging and normalizes blood pressure.

Healing properties of dried date palm fruit

Dried fruit is considered the food of long-livers. It contains so many useful substances that just 10 dates a day is enough to replenish the daily requirement of Mg, Cu, Ag. Regular inclusion of such a delicacy in the diet helps to normalize the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones, improve skin, hair and nails. The product is recommended to eat people to recover quickly from serious illness. Dates are useful for workaholics, no matter what activity they do - mental or physical.

Interesting and important facts about figs

Who at least once tried the fruit of the fig tree, will no longer be able to refuse to eat it. In dried form they are even tastier, especially if picked at the stage of consumer rather than technical maturity. The product belongs to the low-calorie and is considered extremely useful. It contains copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron. This is an ideal product for consumption at any time of the year. Introduction of figs to the diet eliminates constipation, increases blood hemoglobin, strengthens bone tissue.


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