The 5 true laws of life

1. Never impose yourself on people, and then you'll know exactly whether they need you or not.


2. 2. Gone are the days when you should believe words. Trust actions and attitudes, but not words. They are not worth much these days.


3. Always appreciate those who care about you deeply, and don't hold on to those who don't really need you.


4. Never believe excuses. We subconsciously always know why a person has or has not helped us. You always want to believe a lie, but life will become easier if you look at things realistically, without "rose-colored glasses".


5. They say that people are unhappy not because of the events or situations that happened, but because of their attitude toward them. Do not judge people by themselves. Often they are unable to do for you what you are willing to do for them, and because of that they are not bad.


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