The 7 Keys To Success In Affiliate Marketing According To Experts

According to the experiences of the most successful affiliate marketers around the world; There are some keys and elements that can raise the success rate of the marketer and increase his sales and profits in affiliate marketing.

These keys vary between technical keys in terms of technology, such as the design of the blog or the landing page of the marketer, or places to place the link of products, or other reasons.

Also, some of those keys or elements depend on the way the marketer himself presents his products, or writes the marketing content that he relies on in selling, displaying products and attracting customers.

Therefore, we review the most important of these elements and provide a comprehensive explanation to use them in the best possible way in our article today, in order to guarantee the novice marketer the best sales that he can achieve in the beginning.

We advise beginners to try more than once to get the best benefit from these keys that we offer, namely:

  1. targeting
  2. landing page
  3. Focus on one area
  4. the product
  5. Content
  6. Pay attention to conversion rate
  7. Analysis

Here is a detailed explanation of each of these seven keys:

1. Targeting

Determine well who your potential customer is, and try to get to know your ideal customer’s personality and needs and think in his mind to know what he actually wants to buy, and also to know the best way to talk to him and lure him to buy from you specifically.

There is a good strategy in this matter, which is to imagine the person of the potential customer and give him an imaginary name, and imagine the nature of his life and needs and what attracts him in the product, and try to think according to the personality, mind and ideas of this customer, this will help in communicating your idea and your goal to the customer very smoothly.

Your customers can be targeted very well through the use of paid ads across various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can also use Google Ads.

And if you depend in your strategy for affiliate marketing on your own blog, it would be an excellent idea to target the keywords that your potential customers are searching for, of course, taking care of your blog’s compatibility with Google search engines.

It is also important during your dealings with your potential customers to build a relationship between you and them, and this relationship comes from publishing some educational content specific to the field you are marketing to, and you can include some sales links in this educational content.

For example, if you target hair care products, for example, you can post content about how to use a hair iron correctly, or how to take care of hair after using an iron, which builds a kind of connection and loyalty within your audience towards you.

2. Landing page

It is also called the Landing Page, which is the page that appears to the customer when he clicks on your link, and it is one of the most important, if not the most important, keys to success in affiliate marketing.

According to all the marketing studies, a simple modification to the landing page can double the percentage of purchase completion on your site, and of course if the landing page is not good enough, it will cause a lot of potential sales to be wasted.

The landing page acts as the main promotional page that can influence potential customers and confirm their purchase, so you should take care to improve it always, and it is recommended to update it regularly to try any form that attracts more customers and contributes to increasing sales.

The first step in improving this page is to make it dedicated to one product only. When the potential customer clicks on your ad link, a page for this product opens for him only with an explanation of the most important features of the product with his sense of buying the product in strong motivational terms, which is called (CALL TO ACTION ).

The landing page can also be improved in a good way by avoiding the distractions of the page so that the customer focus only on the product and its features.

To improve that homepage, you should also choose its colors in a way that appeals to the customer and pay attention to where to place links to other products, with very special attention to the color and location of the purchase confirmation button.

3. Focus on one area only

Competition in e-commerce is generally more fierce than its counterpart from traditional commerce, due to the wide range within which goods and services can be promoted, and due to the very large number of blogs, websites and online stores.

Of course, we do not mean to cause anxiety in you, but only to clarify the amount of competition that you should be aware of in principle when choosing the field in which you prefer to work, and there is no need to worry. We will explain how to improve your site in this fierce competition.

If you are starting now, you should choose only one specific field in which you can work, and it is preferable that you are already interested in this field and are well-versed in its details in order to provide your services and help to your customers from the site of the confident expert and not just as a seller, which increases your credibility with your audience of course.

The more accurately you define the field, the lower the competition, for example if you are an athlete and are familiar with exercise equipment, health care products, nutritional supplements and so on, it would be a good idea to specialize in selling those devices and products on commission.

But it is good and useful to specialize in a more precise specialization, for example, you specialize in selling nutritional supplements alone, or for example, exercise equipment inside the home alone.

This customization and accuracy will ensure that you have less competition, which improves the opportunity for you to appear to your customers more, and also ensures that there are customers interested in this particular field, which increases their serious desire to buy and complete the sale.

4. Product

The product is the basis of the marketing process, it is what the customer originally wants to obtain, so care must be taken to choose the quality, quality and importance of the product to your target audience.

Therefore, you should look at the statistics and data of product sales to know the best product that customers want to buy, and you can learn about this also by analyzing the keywords that your customers are searching for.

It is preferable for the marketer to add a competitive advantage to his product that no one else offers, and of course this competitive advantage is one of the most attractive things to the customer, and helps him complete the purchase transaction from your website in particular.

The process of understanding your potential customer and the audience you are targeting is one of the most important factors in choosing the best product for marketing.

By understanding the customer, you can provide the product they really need, you can research the problems facing your customer, and then show them the product that helps them solve the problem effectively.

It is also important to take care of presenting the features of this product well with good attention to it on the landing page of your website, and you can write some blogs or articles that talk about this product or explain how to use it.

5. Content

“Content is king” is one of the most popular phrases in e-marketing in general. Content is everything that you publish on the Internet, whether it is in your blog, your YouTube channel, or even your advertising campaigns on social media.

This content varies between visual content such as images and videos, or readable content such as blogs, articles, etc., and you can choose the type that is best for your audience, or you can combine all of these types.

This phrase that we have explained has become popular due to the paramount importance of the content, as the main reason why the customer continues to browse your site or your landing page and complete the purchase through it, or it may cause him to get bored and leave without completing the view.

The marketer must use the marketing content that motivates the customer to buy and even creates the desire to buy, by finding solutions to his problems.

It should also include some educational content that creates loyalty from the customer to the marketer, increases the marketer’s credibility and makes him or her a mentor and expert.

One of the most important matters that occupies great importance in the content is the sentence of urging to buy and its formulation in a strong, motivating, clear and smooth way for the customer, and this sentence will double the number of real sales.

6. Pay attention to the conversion rate

Some believe that the best option for them among the companies that offer an affiliate marketing program is to choose companies that pay a high commission for each sale, a belief that marketers’ experiences have proven to be completely unsuccessful, especially when starting to work as a marketer.

It is preferable if you are a novice marketer to look for companies or products that achieve high sales, even if the commission rate is lower, so that you can get your first dollars after a short period of starting.

This will not be achieved if you rely in your marketing on a product or company that offers a high commission rate, but the conversion rates are low, it may take several months to get your first profit.

Also, products or companies with high conversion rates ensure that you are motivated to continue in your business, as our human mind tends to the ways that bring it profit quickly and automatically avoids things that delay its profit even if it gives it a greater profit.

7. Analysis and tracking of results

Analytical processes are one of the most important keys to success in affiliate marketing, but rather one of the most important keys to success in marketing in general, and there are many types of analyzes required for success in affiliate marketing in particular.

The first type of analysis that the marketer needs in this type is the analysis of the commission rate itself, which is to know the percentage of profit from selling each of the products available to you, and to calculate the percentage of your commission from it when completing the expected number of sales from this product.

For example, if your profit from a particular product is about $1, but ten sales are expected to take place per day, so the expected profit when selling this product is about $10 per day, and if there is a specific product, your commission rate from it is about $5, but it is expected that Allegiance to him takes place only after ten days, so of course the first option is appropriate, especially at the beginning.

As for the second type of analysis, it is related to the marketing aspect in general. For example, you must analyze your competitors and their most important sales, as well as the keywords you use to create your content, and other important analytical data.

To get more information about this, we explained it in detail in a previous article under the title Tracking in Advertising Campaigns (All the Information and Tools You Need).


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