The aftermath of losing my child

Her name was Paiton Louise she was eleven years old on the tragic and totally unexpected night that she lost her life! Her mother Kenya has suffered almost totally unbelievable series of events that her short thirty three years have had for her, but on the night of June 25 2020 she states " was the most horrible and devastating night that I'll ever have and I kn I'll never recover!!!" 

Kenya found out that while her eleven yr old daughter paiton and her son Taylor age twelve were staying with there biological father a unbelievable tragidy happened! When paitons uncle her father's brother just so happened to be present during a slumber party which both children were allowed four friends to stay the night , 

While the slumber party grew more fun and the night grew later so did paitons uncle's sobriety grew more and more none exestant !! It was like a sudden flash and somehow her intoxicated uncle had pulled out a nine millimeter hand gun and somehow shot paiton just below her ribs it barely hit but definitely hit both of her lungs then it tipped the edge of her little heart and lodged in her left shoulder


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