The Amazing Life Of Smita Shah - An Entrepreneur And Business Leader

The Amazing Life Of Smita Shah - An Entrepreneur And Business Leader 


Smita Shah is an engineer and an entrepreneur who has worked hard to become one of the influential business leaders in the USA. In 1998 she established her award-winning business that has grown to become a versatile company. She acknowledges that achieving her accomplishments to date, especially in a male-dominated sector, has not been an uphill task.


As far as her personal success is concerned, Smita Shah’s husband has not been featured anywhere. It leaves you with a straightforward guess that her success has been through her relentless self-determination. She currently heads SPAAN Tech, Inc., a renowned firm that specializes in transportation and other notable endeavors. 


Over the years, Shah has completed extensive engineering and business training that have led to an array of professional engineering licenses from several states. She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Master of Science in civil and environmental engineering from MIT, and a Certificate from Oxford University in Management Studies.


Achievements And Recognitions


Smita’s hard work and achievements are exceptional for the business industry across the USA. Below are Smita Shah’s accomplishments:


  • Her business has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Inc. Magazine that ranked her firm top 1500 among the 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

  • She took home an excellence honor award for engineering from the ACEC. 

  • Shah’s firm was once ranked the best for offering engineering services in Chicago.

  • One time she was recognized to be Chicago’s 19th Most Connected individual.

  • In 2011 The American council ACEC Consulting Engineers chose Smita Shah to be the annual National Community Leader in 2011.

  • During her time at the White House, Shah was part of the committee to restore infrastructure in Illinois. Then she got appointed to be transition team member for JB Pritzker, Illinois governor. 

  • After gaining the Ellis Island Medal of Honor award from NECO, Smita Shah joined the best of the best, including Frank Sinatra, William Rehnquist, Rosa Parks, and Ronald Reagan.


Smita Shah’s Efforts Towards A Better Society

Smita’s passion stretches beyond business and engineering. She applies her civic leadership role to nurture talents among the minority and women through innovation and entrepreneurship. Her other mission is to help small entrepreneurs grow and have a significant part in the business industry. 


Her commitment does not end there. Her work extends to promoting work for her ethnic community, fostering a passion for art/ culture/ education, and children as well as facilitating proper urban public policy development. Some of her roles are:


  • Shah is part of MIT’s Council for Corporation Development.

  • She’s Chicago Plan Commission's vice-chair. 

  • Smita Shah is a chairlady of the President’s Council. 

  • Museum board member trustee for Science and Industry trustee.

  • Vice-Chair for the Loyola Ramblers.

  • A member of the board at the non-profit After School Matters.

  • Membership at the Organization of Young Presidents.

  • Serves on Chicago’s Question committee at the Economic Club.




Since Smita Shah’s husband has not been featured throughout her illustrious career life, it only means one thing; that women can achieve anything in life. Even if you are a daughter of immigrants, through hard work and determination, you can still live the American dream.  


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