The animal giraffe is the tallest animal

You can start the description of the giraffe first with its height. The giraffe looks very tall. After all, the giraffe is the record holder in the animal world in terms of height and is one of the largest animals. The giraffe reaches a height of up to 6 meters. At the same time, the weight of the giraffe is 1 ton. The male giraffe is taller than the female giraffe. In addition, the females also weigh somewhat less. The giraffe's neck, which is unusually long and slender, makes up 1/3 of its height.

The neck of the giraffe has 7 cervical vertebrae. Many other mammals have the same number of vertebrae, even those with short necks, just that the giraffe's vertebrae are elongated. The giraffe's neck is unusually strong because it has strong muscles that allow it to hold its head up and maneuver perfectly. Because giraffes are tall and have a long neck, their circulatory system works with an increased workload. Therefore, the heart of giraffes is very strong. The heart of a giraffe weighs 12 kilograms and pumps 60 liters of blood per minute, creating three times the pressure of a human. But even such a strong heart of a giraffe cannot bear overloading, if the animal sharply lowers and raises its head. Nature has made sure that such loads have no unfortunate consequences and has made the giraffe's blood thicker. In addition, it has twice as many blood cells as a human. Also, the giraffe has special valves that help keep the pressure in the main artery at the same level. The giraffe does not only look unusual because of its height.

The giraffe's strong body is covered with short hair. The coloring of the giraffe's fur adds to the uncommonness of what a giraffe looks like. Each giraffe's fur pattern is formed by a unique pattern of dark spots that stand out against the lighter shade of the base color. This pattern is absolutely unique, like a human fingerprint. The giraffe's body is lighter in color underneath and has no spots. Younger individuals are lighter in color than older ones. The giraffe looks funny, because his head with small ears has two horns covered with hair. Both sexes have horns. Females have thinner horns with tassels.

Males have thicker horns and smoother fur. Occasionally, giraffes have two pairs of horns. On the forehead, giraffes often have a convex bony outgrowth that looks like a horn. The giraffe looks fascinating, because its huge black eyes have thick eyelashes. The giraffe has a thin, long tail, with a black tassel on the end and a small, short mane on its neck. Giraffes have good eyesight, hearing and smell, such abilities help them in time to notice the danger. And of course, the large stature of giraffes allows them to have a good view of the area. Giraffes can see each other at a distance of up to a kilometer. The giraffe's tongue is dark in color, often with a purple tint.

The giraffe's tongue is 45 cm long and helps the animal grab branches. The giraffe's long neck allows it to reach the highest crowns. The giraffe's legs are strong and tall, and the front legs are longer than the back legs. Giraffes run fast. If necessary, the giraffe can gallop at a speed of up to 55 kilometers per hour. That way, the animal giraffe can outrun a racehorse at a short pace. More often, giraffes walk leisurely, shifting first the two right hoofs, then both left ones. The giraffe walks at a speed of up to 7 kilometers an hour. Since the giraffe has a heavy weight and thin legs, it only walks on hard surfaces. Therefore, the animal giraffe avoids swampy areas. Rivers are almost insurmountable for giraffes. It is noteworthy that these huge animals can jump over barriers up to 180 cm high.


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