The automobile industry is a branch of industry engaged in the production of non-rail vehicles

 Automobile manufacturer - an automobile plant, company, firm engaged in the development, manufacture or assembly of automobiles. At the beginning of the XX century Oldsmobile revolutionized the automobile industry by first applying conveyor assembly and starting the world mass motorization.

Major manufacturing companies (as of 2012)[4]:

General Motors (US + UK + Australia + Germany) - 9.03 million.

Volkswagen Group (Germany + France + Italy + Spain + UK) - 8,16 million

Toyota (Japan) - 8 mln.

Hyundai Motor (South Korea) - 6,59 mln.

Ford (USA) - 6,3 million pcs.

Renault-Nissan (Japan + France + South Korea + Romania + Russia) - 6.16 million pcs.

For many decades, the United States was the world leader in automobile production. Since 1980s the new leader was Japan, since 2009 - China, which since 2010 also produces more cars than all countries of the European Union combined, and since 2009 it is the largest market in the world. The USSR ranked 5th in the world in auto manufacturing overall (including 3rd in trucks and 1st in buses), Russia is among the top 15 auto manufacturers.


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