The benefits of a hearty breakfast have been exaggerated

Nutritionists and health-conscious eaters have been tirelessly repeating for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it is important to eat as nutritious a meal as possible in the morning to boost energy and avoid overeating throughout the day. But new work by Australian nutritionists challenges this statement.


The study itself, which consisted of 13 steps, was very simple, but extremely effective. In each of the stages, independent groups of people skipped breakfast, while others, on the contrary, received a plentiful morning meal. Then they went about their business with one task - to count the amount of food eaten throughout the day. As it turned out, the well-fed participants in the experiment ate an average of 260 more calories per day than those who did not eat breakfast. There was also no difference in the lack of appetite depending on the amount of food eaten in the morning. Interestingly, it was those subjects who skipped breakfast in the morning, more often than not, lost weight faster. 


According to the results of their work, the experts note that the morning meal does not play a large role in the distribution of energy or weight loss. According to them, each person is different, and if after awakening you are lazy to cook you do not want to have a good breakfast, then the body simply does not need it.


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