The benefits of cold showers: 7 reasons to brave this procedure

You can lose weight


The fat present in our body is divided into two kinds: brown and white. Brown fat is located in the neck and back to keep us warm if we are in the cold. And the second provides heat exchange and protection for the internal organs. This type of fat has the property to activate at low temperatures. It increases the heat production by 15 times, promotes the release of energy and the subsequent burning of white fat deposits.


Losing weight is possible precisely because of the contrast shower. When the temperature is minus, brown fat is involved. This explains the principle of general cryotherapy, which regulates the metabolism. Accordingly, the contrast shower is characterized by improving the thermoregulatory functions of the body and the "heating" of the subcutaneous tissue, that is just that white fat in the cold or heat.


Of course, it should be taken into account that it is not possible to change the situation radically for people suffering from obesity only with thermal contraceptive procedures. You will have to reconsider the diet plan, do sports exercises and pay close attention to your own health.


Recharge your batteries


A cool shower is the most effective way to wake up. It acts on the body like a great shake, because our body, being overcooled, tries to save itself and instantly activates all the processes inside.


Strengthen the immune system


Since childhood, many of us were accustomed to pouring cold water - some of us had to be forced to do it, while others even enjoyed it. However, our grandmothers and mothers did not do so because they wanted to make fun of their children. Cold showers along with douches - a long-known and proven recipe that helps strengthen the immune system. Thanks to him significantly increases the formation of immune cells, which allows you to acquire greater resistance to viruses, and not "fall" with fever, after a slight draft or use of air conditioning.


Strengthen the heart and blood vessels


Once cooled in water, the body starts working harder to maintain normal body temperature. This means that taking regular cold showers helps strengthen the heart and blood vessels.


When heat is lost, our body takes it as a sign to increase blood flow to the skin, which contains a large number of small blood vessels. In the process, the capillaries constrict and afterwards expand to allow the blood rush. Therefore, cold water can be considered a great workout for the circulatory system. The extremities will no longer be permanently frozen, and the quality of the skin will improve.


Boost your mood and beat stress


It is absolutely accurate to say that a cool shower lifts your mood. The explanation is simple: cold water activates the sympathetic nervous system, beta-endorphin and noradrenaline are produced in greater quantities. In addition to the resulting burst of energy, they reduce anxiety, improve brain function and mood.


Such procedures also have a good effect on chronic stress. German scientists found that taking a cool shower reduces uric acid and increases glutathione, which is the most important antioxidant responsible for strong immunity and energy production.


Restore Muscles


Cold water at the end of an intense workout can help relieve stressed muscles. Professional athletes are accustomed to this procedure, although it can also be mastered by ordinary people. The cold after heavy physical exertion helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid, which is partly responsible for muscle pain. Only, according to experts, it is necessary to prefer a shower rather than a bath.


By the way, for athletes, cold baths are preferable, when the temperature is not far from zero. This explains the successful use of ice. Since the cold gives an opportunity to reduce tissue swelling and run the body's regenerative functions, it is logical to apply an ice bath or use cryopressotherapy. In this case, a cold shower will not be able to globally help in the recovery, as its function is rather thermoregulative. If this procedure is carried out for about 20-30 minutes, you can prevent the treacherous nagging of the whole body, which is usually observed the next day.


No chemicals


All inhabitants of large settlements, who use common water supply systems, even if they are categorical opponents of chemical additives, are definitely exposed to its influence in their own apartments. For example, substances added to hot water are supposed to ensure its transparency and protect pipes from the formation of scale and rust. At the same time, they make the skin dry and provoke swelling and itching. There are no impurities in cold water, so it is cleaner and healthier than hot water.


It is worth noting that washing with cold water has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. 


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