The best and last Prophet Muhammad (S)

The best and last Prophet Muhammad (S)


Everyone knows the name of Prophet Muhammad.  He has been one of the most prominent figures of Islam since then.  But most people do not know certain things about Prophet Muhammad.  An author named Leslie Hazleton has written a book on the life of Prophet Muhammad.  Whose name is 'The First Muslim'.  In this, she gives information about many such facts of her life, about which few people know.  Some such facts are -


 His father had died before his birth.  After this he was brought up by the people of Bedu tribe for the first 5 years.  When she came to Mecca with her mother, she also passed away within a year.  After being orphaned at the age of 6, he had become very weak financially.  He worked as a camel care boy in Damask.


 According to the hadith, it is believed that in the decision of the Prophet Muhammad's marriage to Khadija, widow remarriage and marriage of an older woman could also be hidden, this message was hidden.  Whereas few people know that he did the first marriage for love.  When Prophet Muhammad married a 40 year old widow, he was 25 years old.  He went ahead and proposed marriage.  Many scholars believe that Khadija was a wealthy widow, but early evidence suggests that the marriage was done out of mutual love and respect.  Most of the nine marriages performed in his later life were done by Prophet Muhammad to convey a social message.


 At the time of becoming a prophet, he had doubts and sorrows in his mind.  They were scared when the Quran was revealed.  This happened to him in 610 on a mountain outside Mecca.  He was 40 years old at that time.  In his own words, this pain was so much that I felt, 'I am dying.'  He was feeling as if something was happening to him.  They even feared whether I was fit to be a prophet!


 In the beginning, he also adopted the method of peaceful protests.  Inspired by his messages, people started challenging the corruption and arrogance prevailing among the rich of Mecca.  Mecca was a prosperous city during that time.  Muhammad put such things about the rich in front of the public that the public turned against the rich.  Which angered the rich.  Muhammad wanted reform but the nobles saw it as a spark ignited against him.


 At first he was a supporter of peace.  For the first 12 years, he chose a method of absolutely peaceful protest against the atrocities on himself and his supporters in Mecca.  But the atrocities on him and his supporters continued to increase.  In 622 they grew so much that they had to leave Mecca and go to Medina, located 200 miles away.  After this he had three battles with Mecca.  After this Mecca accepted them under an agreement and surrendered.  Called them back too.  In these eight years, he had become of Medina.  He said that he would remain in Medina.


 In order to bridge the gap between himself and his opponents, he accepted that the opponents' customs and God are holy but Allah is above all.  But later they realized that by doing so they were deceiving their own ideals because there can be no companion of Allah.  At such a time, he had the courage to admit his mistake publicly and he accepted it in front of the people.


 At the end of his life he was seriously ill.  He passed away without declaring his successor.  As no son was alive, no one could be declared heir.  Since then, there is a division of Shia and Sunni in the religion which believes in the slogan of unity of 'one Allah, one people'.


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