the best cherry pie recipe

First we prepare the dough. To do this, heat the milk to 35 degrees Celsius, pour it into a deep bowl, add dry yeast to it. Mix everything thoroughly with a whisk.


Next, we break an egg into a milk-yeast mixture, pour granulated sugar, as well as salt and vanilla sugar. We mix everything again with a whisk. After sifting the specified amount of flour, add portions to the remaining ingredients, mix with a whisk, and then manually. Knead the dough until smooth. It shouldn't be too steep. If this happens, you can add a little warm milk or water. Pour vegetable oil on the dough and continue kneading until the dough stops sticking to your hands.


We form the finished dough into a bun, and in turn we put it in a deep bowl, which we cover with a clean dry towel. We put a bowl of dough in a warm place for a couple of hours. After the specified time, the dough that has come up is crushed and placed again on the bottom of a deep bowl, again covered with a towel. Leave the dough in this form for 45 minutes.


So, the dough fits, and we can prepare the filling at this time. If fresh cherries are used, they need to be sorted, washed, blot excess moisture with a dry towel, and then remove the seeds from the berries. If it is decided to use frozen cherries, it must be removed from the freezer in advance and thawed at room temperature.


To the prepared cherries, which we put in a bowl of a suitable size, pour sugar, mix everything carefully. Add chopped nuts. This is optional - and it will turn out very tasty without nuts. At the same time, any nuts can be used - almonds, forest, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc. Mix everything again.


Sprinkle the work surface with flour, spread the dough, grind again, and then divide into two parts. One of the parts should be slightly larger than the other. Roll out first the part of the dough that is larger. We need a thin layer 0.5 cm thick. Lubricate the baking dish with vegetable oil with a diameter of about 24 cm. We put a layer into it, forming sides 3 cm high. Now sprinkle the dough layer evenly with breadcrumbs.


Next, we spread the filling and proceed to work with the second part of the test. We roll it out into the same layer, only it will turn out to be smaller in diameter. We cut out shaped holes with the help of molds (you can just do with incisions). We put the layer on top of the filling, fasten the edges of the two layers, and put the cut-out pieces of dough just on top.


Now you need to cover the pie on top with a dry and clean towel. We leave the pie to stand in this form for half an hour. Turn on the oven to warm up in advance. The required temperature for baking a pie is 220 degrees.


We put the pie that came up in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. He should become ruddy.


That's it!


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