The Best Home Abs Workout For A Strong AF Stomach

Good news for anyone who's living room doubles as a fitness studio: You can totally, 100-percent score a hard core by doing ab workouts at home. Yep, even from home, all you need to create an effective abs workout and sculpt your midsection is to incorporate exercises that target all four of the major muscle groups in your midsection—the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, internal obliques, and external obliques.

What are the best home abs workouts?

Don't worry, we did the hard work for you and scoured the web for the best ab workouts to incorporate into your at-home workout. All you need to do is follow these easy guidelines: Choose an exercise that is either one, two, or three rounds and that involves only four sets of eight to 12 repetitions Keep the intensity of your workout moderate, meaning you should feel just a little bit of muscle fatigue between sets. Don't go for the low rep count if your goal is to become a pro bodybuilder. Try to incorporate multiple exercises into each session. That way you can continue to work multiple muscles in each abdominal region Try not to overdo it when working your abs, even if it's tempting to hit the gym every day. Keep the number of reps as low as possible.


Why is it important to work your obliques?

When you work your rectus abdominis (or core), you strengthen your entire midsection and are left feeling more toned, slimmed, and sexy. When you work your obliques, you're moving the majority of the weight, making you look toned and tight all over, plus you'll be working muscles that you never even knew existed. So what are the best ab moves for when you're living at home? On days when you're busy or running around from one place to another, starting out with these moves will help you get in a full-body, total-body workout that will give you a firm, toned midsection without having to leave the comfort of your living room. The workout Do 15-20 reps of each exercise with 20 seconds rest in between each exercise. Complete the circuit twice and for time for a total of two to four minutes.


What should you do if you want a six-pack?

"You'll probably get a six-pack within 90 days of training," Ray Nero, CEO and creator of FasciaBlaster, a low-impact ab workout system, told E! News. "But in order for a six-pack to be effective, you have to have a toned midsection in the first place." C'mon, it's not that hard.


Things to be aware of before starting a workout routine

If you're new to ab workouts, start with a full-body workout to get a sense of how your body responds to these movements, says Body by Simone creator Simone De La Rue. "The more comfortable you are performing the ab exercises, the more likely you are to develop and sustain the proper form," she explains. If you're a seasoned fitness freak, this is where to focus your attention if you want to add ab workouts to your routine. For the rest of us who can't even begin to fathom a full-body workout, the important thing to remember is to use a light hand when performing your abs exercises to avoid injuring yourself, she says. But before you can reap the benefits of an ab workout, you need to know how to activate the muscles you want to target, says De La Rue.



These five five-minute ab workouts will kick your abs into shape in no time. 1. Adjustable Mountain Climber With Leg Raise Get into a prone position with your hands on your knees. Keeping your abs tight, lift your right leg off the floor so that it's straight up in the air. Hold for about 20 seconds and switch legs. Repeat with the left leg. 2. Punch Out The Abs This is an effective tool for midsection fullness and is great for building core strength. Do this in your living room by standing in front of a mirror, kicking your legs out. If you're comfortable doing this, you can do it on your living room floor or an area rug. 3. Planks The hardest part about plank is remembering to keep your core tight throughout the entire exercise.


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