The Best Novel You Can Read

Who likes to read novels. Novels are one of the most popular literary works today. Different from other literature. Novels can bring us to different nuances. This literature tell the life of someone. And the page can be more than one hundred. people say that they prefer watching movies to novels. But some say that the novel is actually something interesting which is certainly different from the movies itselfs. What are the best novels in history :

1. Sherlock Holmes

A detective who has extraordinary abilities than most detectives. And can solve complex problems in crime. His attitude is known to be less sociable. But it has many clients.

2. Eragon

An ordinary boy destined to become a dragon rider. And with him he went on a great adventure.

3. Romeo And Juliet

A love story that is so exalted. The romance that occurs in it makes us stunned.

4. Pride And Prejudice

Often love ends tragically. And even so leaves an unforgettable history.

5. Lord Of The Ring

Tell the adventure of the ring. Hobbit, human, elf, and dwarf must combine strength to defeat the drak lord sauron. They must protect ring before resurrection.

6. King Arthur

The king who destined to wear a miracle sword. After he unexpected lift sword from stone. He have a task to defeat someone.

7.Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them

Sorcerer who have task to collect magical beast around the world. There is many funny thing inside. He come alone without a friend.

For you novel lovers. You can make it a recommendation for you to read. There's nothing wrong with going to the library and borrowing it temporarily. Or you can try buying it at a bookstore. Do you think novel is good than movies. It depend on how you see.


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