The best part of being a woman

What is the most unique inner quality of  a woman?
Women are unique creations by own. But the most eccentric quality in a woman is her emotions and her sensitivity. This is where she is Unique.  If we talk about our parents, then the most emotional support we get from our mother. We can share everything with our mother inspite of her strict nature. We are afraid of sharing many things with our parents but mother is such an entity and a character in our lives whom we cannot help sharing our secrets. So there lies the uniqueness of a woman. A woman is subtle at the same time strict. She is tough as well as soft. 

Why is it important to acknowledge your womanliness?
We should first acknpowledge that we are great as a woman. Even if there are physical weaknesses and delicacy in us. Still there lies our strength also. We might be physically delicate but our inner strength is tough like a rock. THATS THE UNIQUENESS OF A WOMAN. aWOMAN IS FAR MORE ADAPTIVE THAN A MAN. SHE IS ADAPT TO DIFFERENT ADVERSE SITUATIONS THAN A MAN. 
Why Women should never compare with Men?
This should be kept in mind that a woman should never ewver compare her strength and weaknesses with aa man. Both are made different by nature but that difference is the reason of attraction between a man and a woman. So that difference in the physicality and inner strength should be respected always . And never should either of the gender try to compare or contest with each other. Thats truly meaningless..from all respect.
Where lies the strength of a woman?
The strength of a woman lies in her emotional values and her sensitiveness. A woman can create charm in an tough situation. She can liquidate a tough problem by her natural feminine nature. When a man stops to think, a woman starts from there. A man may be tough most of the time but when a man is broken internally, a woman can reduce his pain, just like our mothers.
So that is the strength and power of a woman. 
She is far more inspired and positive in every tough situation and even if a family is sad or broken, a woman can lead the family and make the family come out of the sad phase. And thats the power of a woman. 
So if a woman is considered as vulnerable, then lies her strength and power. The emotional strength combined with her charm to solve difficult problems is a very rare thing which make a woman unique.As women are made in a way to suffer pain as in childbirth so women are strong by nature. 
That is the reason why Devi Durga is worshipped a mighty goddess inspite of being a woman goddess. 
So its not easy to be a real woman. We are made with our own uniqueness and that is the reason why women should be an embodiment of strength, care, love, affection and mercy. 17


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