The Best Websites For Jobs: The Most Popular Websites To Find Employment

To find the best job websites to kick off your search, we looked at more than two dozen different job websites before selecting the top sites.

The best job websites

We used the latest information available on the average number of job views per site and per search to determine the best job websites to visit. After ranking the sites, we figured out which sites ranked highest in terms of view frequency per search by comparing the total number of job postings each site listed on its site to the number of job postings on the job listing sites most comparable to those sites. The better the job search website, the more jobs it lists and the more employers see. Weights were assigned to the sites based on the amount of time users spend on each job site. If users spent less than a minute on a job search site, it had no weight. If they spent more than a minute, the site had a weighting of between 0.1 and 1.0.


Best free job websites

1. Indeed is a popular job website with an all-around bright and stylish design. The site is more popular than the next eight websites combined. And Indeed doesn’t just have great information for job seekers; it also has information on your future work hours. Plus, many of the website’s features have to do with job searching, including how it can be easier than ever to create your résumé, and what to do if you have an employer, recruiter or client and they ask you to post on your own website. 2. has been popular for more than 15 years and since then has become a very popular site for job searching. The site offers free job listings that are relevant to what people want.


Best job websites for students and recent graduates

When students or recent graduates are looking to find a job, they can do a lot of searching in a short time on different job sites. Here are the best websites for finding jobs in this area: Craigslist Craigslist is well known for providing classified advertisements for both recent graduates and entry-level jobs. However, it is much more than that. With Craigslist, you can find exactly what you are looking for: even writing that job description for you, using relevant phrases, and even sending the perfect application. is a well-known job search website for professionals, students, and recent graduates. With their helpful resources, they are able to help you with just about any job search and even advertising.


Best job websites for international job seekers

To find the best websites for international job seekers, we focused on those that allow job hunters to submit resumes in multiple countries, and cover a number of different industries. We checked out job sites for free across multiple countries and job categories to find the top resources to help job seekers find a job abroad. The best websites for high-tech job seekers To find the best jobs websites for high-tech job seekers, we looked at web design and development job sites. Finding the best job websites These are some of the best job sites to kick off your search. The average person has 6.5 job leads in their top three job categories that they are currently looking for, according to job site Glassdoor.


Best job websites for people with disabilities

Founded in 2002, disABLEDperson is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was created to increase the disability employment rate. With over 300,000 opportunities listed, we chose disABLEDperson as the best site to find accurate listings because every listing has been added to their site by employers themselves, rather than a web scraper. 

Applying for a job on disABLEDperson is simple—all that’s required is your email address (the site prompts you to enter your email if you attempt to apply for a job). You can also create a username and password in order to receive email job alerts and SMS text alerts about newly added opportunities. disABLEDperson lists jobs in all 50 U.S. states across 80 categories including but not limited to architecture, finance, human resources, IT, social services, retail, sales, writing, and more. Listings span all experience levels, from entry to executive. disABLEDperson is 100% free to use for job seekers.


To go beyond just your local newspaper's job section, you can consider online job postings at these leading job sites: So where are the best jobs? We're not talking about jobs like janitor, though. We're looking at jobs with high salaries, growth potential, and flexibility. If you're looking for something you might not find in your local paper, consider: Software Engineer Video Game Design Software Development Financial Analyst AI Analyst Biochemist Manual Lab Assistant Human Resources Marketing Manager HR Administrator Managing Accountant Database Administrator Videography Your thoughts? What job site are you going to use? Which are your favorite jobs websites? Which ones will you use the most?


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