The biggest and most expensive TV set

What entertainment technology does almost anyone use, regardless of age, gender, or where they live? That's right - a television set. To date, manufacturers offer us the possibility of many models of such equipment, regularly introducing new technologies. For example, no one will be surprised by the possibility to watch 3D films and use the Internet on their TV. But even if you think that you know everything about such equipment, the hero of this article is able to surprise you.
We're talking about a Titan Zeus. It's the most expensive TV set on the planet, its price is exactly one million pounds, or almost 1.5 million dollars (you heard right, it really costs more than almost any car). In addition, this TV is also the largest ever produced. The Zeus is 370 inches diagonal (eight by five meters) and the resolution is 4K.
"We used the best technology available to create the best TV in the world. Our team has long had a goal of developing something outstanding, and we've been moving steadily toward achieving it. It took us six months to create Zeus, and the result is a TV which is unique in every way and has an estimated value of one million pounds," says Anthony Ganju of Titan.
Do you think nobody wants a TV for that kind of money? Not at all - the company has already received two orders to produce similar equipment. The names of the customers are being kept in the strictest confidence, but apparently we are talking about millionaires or even billionaires, for whom spending a million pounds on household appliances is not a problem.
A detailed description of the technical characteristics of this unique model can be found on the official website of the company. For example, it says that TVs will appear on sale not only for home, but also for outdoor use. This will allow you to install a huge TV on the terrace or organize a summer cinema.
Is a million pounds too expensive? Then it is time to look at other, cheaper models. The price for the most modest TV from the company Titan is "only" 150 thousand pounds.


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