The blogger made a vehicle in the form of a pig from Minecraft

The blogger made a vehicle in the form of a pig from Minecraft

Enthusiasts often create some things from their favorite video games - lightsabers, armor and other paraphernalia. But this, it seems, has not happened yet. Blogger Electro made a Minecraft pig that you can drive with the breeze.

Electro gave birth to nothing less than "the fastest riding Minecraft pig in the world." The vehicle is a cross between an electric scooter and a hoverboard. This intricate motorcycle uses modified wheels from a grocery cart as wheels, and the pig is controlled by a carrot: an IR sensor is built into its head, which reacts to the approach of a carrot. There is an additional manual controller on the side if the main controller suddenly fails.


"Mount" looks funny, but the thing turned out to be serious. Pig is capable of accelerating up to 32 kilometers per hour! If you fall from such, you can be seriously injured. Well, it seems that a blogger will attract a lot of surprised looks while driving such an amazing device through the streets. True, first the pig will have to be repaired: in the process of recording the video, the unfortunate racer crashed into the curb and broke off its legs.


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