The Business Rules of Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The founders of Google answer such questions as "can money make people really happy" and "what causes other companies to completely fail and take off? 


Business rules from Larry Page and Sergey Brin:


1. When too many rules appear, all innovation always disappears.


2. Big problems are actually much easier to solve than small ones.


3. In any idea, the main thing is not to overestimate its importance. Of course, it is so nice to realize that in your head was born a great idea, but you must remember that the emergence of ideas is only a small part if you want to create something truly great.


4. We've heard many times that money can't buy happiness. But when you're not rich yet, where, deep inside, you still believe that at least a little bit of happiness, but money will definitely bring you. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Money really does not bring a person happiness.


5. People often give up. But from my experience and the experience of my friends, I can confidently say that the more you try and make mistakes, the more chances you have to stumble upon something really worthwhile in your life.


6. You don't have to stand still and try not to change. Never wish for things to stay the same, even when you are very comfortable. Change is life.


7. Undoubtedly experience is an advantage, but even it becomes a mere hindrance in some cases.


8. We aim to make google the third part of the human brain.


9. Yes, many people believe that I am naive, but believe me, I would never have made a search engine in 1998 if I was not a true optimist.


10. Let your competitors think you're confused better than they know all your plans.


11. The moment you stop remembering all the names of your employees, you need to expand your company and take it to the next level.


12. In order to actually do something important you will have to overcome the fear of total failure.


13. You have to always give more than what is expected.


14. Believe me, if we did everything for the money, we would have sold our company long ago and been lying on the beach.


15. As far as my experience goes, companies fail not because of competition or lawsuits. Most of the time it is because of a lack of ambition or improper action.


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