The classic recipe for the easiest pumpkin pie

The classic recipe for the easiest pumpkin pie


Pumpkin pie can be either a sweet or savory dish. Sometimes fish, meat, or even pickles are added to this pastry. For your attention today we offer a real classic sweet pie. Due to the simplicity of the recipe, even a novice cook can create this dish.


Components for baking:


two medium apples;wheat flour - 300 grams;sour cream - 20 grams;one teaspoon of baking powder;some vanillin for flavor;one package of butter (200 grams);one egg yolk;half a cup of sugar.




This recipe involves the creation of sandy dough, so the base of the dessert will be crumbly and unusually delicious. Flour in the recipe is pre-sifted several times. The leavening agent for dough is poured directly into the flour.


One hundred grams of butter must be taken out of the refrigerator. The product will become softer when sitting on the table at room temperature, and this is what is needed for the recipe. The butter in the future will not be difficult to chop with a knife.


In the flour, which is already filled with oxygen, add granulated sugar (about ¼ cup) and pieces of soft butter. When mixed, you should get crumbs.


Here, the yolk of a chicken egg and the necessary amount of sour cream are added to the mixture. For flavor, a little vanillin is poured into the dish. The ready mass for the pie is wrapped in clingfilm and sent to the shelf of the refrigerator to infuse.


While the dough rests for 40 minutes, you can begin preparing the filling. To create the filling of the dessert, you need to buy two medium apples and pumpkin in an amount of half a kilogram. It is better to choose slightly sour apples. So they will successfully shade the taste of the main product in the pie.


Peel the apples and pumpkin from the skin and seeds. Next, the components are cut into thin slices. A little butter and the remaining granulated sugar are placed in a pan. The mixture is heated for a few minutes over low heat. After that, chopped pumpkin is sent to the container. The product should be stewed until it is half-ready. Next, sour apples are added to the main part of the stuffing. All the contents of the skillet is cooked until soft.


To spice up the flavors, a little cinnamon can be added to the stuffing after removing the pan from the stove. It goes well with the apples.


After the dessert base hardens in the refrigerator. It should be divided into two equal parts. One piece of dough will become directly the basis of the dessert, but the second layer of mass will go to decorate the baked goods.


From the plastic mass form the main part of the dish. To do this, the dough is poured into a mold, smoothing it out. Do not forget about the rims for the dessert. After that, pumpkin-apple filling is placed in the future sweet pastry.


The next stage of cooking is to decorate the culinary delicacy. For this purpose, the dough is divided into small pieces, from them create plaits or plaits. Decorative elements should decorate the dessert to your liking. On top, the pie is smeared with an egg, which is a little beaten with the addition of sugar.


Bake the pumpkin pie at a temperature of 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. It all depends on the oven and the density of the dough.


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