The commandos refused to wear krapovye berets after the incident at the trials

Veterans and soldiers of the special forces of the Russian Guard began to refuse to wear krapovye berets. The discontent of the military was caused by an incident that allegedly occurred during tests in the Stavropol Territory. As it became known to the media, the instructors of the special forces "Vityaz" who arrived in the region were faced with the fact that many applicants tried to cheat during the tests, but even after disqualification they undeservedly received the insignia of the special forces - a krap beret. The source revealed to us the details of the incident and explained why the special forces soldiers are so outraged.

There was a clash between representatives of the Vityaz special forces and local fighters at the Rosgvardiya training ground. One of the bloggers wrote about it. The incident happened during a competition to receive a krapovy beret. The candidate is required to pass a number of tests for physical fitness and endurance - to run a cross in all the layout, to withstand hand-to-hand combat with several fighters.


However, applicants from Chechnya seemed to shy away from passing the tests honestly. In particular, during the march they were picked up by friends in cars. The incident led to a conflict between the instructors of the special unit "Vityaz", who came to take the exam, and local fighters.


The conflict escalated again after the fighters found out the next day that many of the disqualified Chechen fighters eventually received a krap beret, even without passing all the tests.


As a protest, members of the Vityaz unit began taking off their maroon berets on Monday. This decision was supported by many fighters and veterans across Russia. As a fighter of the Russian Guard told MK, the decision was supported almost everywhere. According to him, this is not the first time that dozens, if not hundreds of people received krapovye berets without passing tests.


- It didn't start now and it didn't start yesterday. It's been a year, and it's getting worse every time. Previously, the cunning ones were driven there to get there. One runs, three insure. This is not allowed - this is already a violation. Why does one run himself, and the other is served water, they lead under the handles if he stumbles. They can carry anything on their hands. Moreover, there were complaints and reports - all to no avail. In the end, everyone gets tired of injustice.


- Have you attended such competitions yourself?


- No, I have not encountered this. But we have our own social circle. We get to know each other on business trips, at competitions. Everyone knows each other, they trust each other. And there are a lot of photos and videos, you yourself watch online - how they sometimes pass any tests. There's hack work everywhere. And the authorities, purely for political reasons, do not want to reveal it. They say: let's not take the rubbish out of the hut. And they haven't done anything for years. What's next? Will orders be given out just like that to everyone? Because that's how someone agreed there? This must be stopped, and we support this demand.

- Is there a desire to speak publicly, to write a joint letter to the command?


- They wrote, composed. There is no answer. Tired of writing. They want to solve the situation it is necessary. We need to change something.


Do they like wrestling in the Caucasus, do they also get belts for the fact that you went out for one round? Only for the victory. It should be the same here. Smog - got, no - you go through the forest... Now they are posting photos online of how they got the beret, saying that we are proud of our fellow countrymen, honor. Then let it be their honor. Let them walk, and then we won't wear this beret.


As far as I know, so far no unit has said: "No, we will not support the rejection of berets." Everyone supports it. And we will seek a solution to the issue. Not all were bought, not all were crushed. If you don't like our position, I am ready to personally write a resignation report. And I'm not the only one.


The continuation of the topic is in the material "It became known why Kadyrov's nephew was removed from the tests for a krapovy beret."


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