The ConMarie Method

Let's look at the 10 basic rules of perfect order

1.  First, let's pick out the unnecessary things. The biggest mistake is to put things in order and get rid of unnecessary things at the same time. It's much more effective to choose and get rid of all unnecessary things first, and only then organize and disassemble the remaining things.

2.  Category, not room.  Cleaning up each room individually can be endless. It is much more effective to divide things into categories, and only then decide what to keep and what not to. Let's divide into categories in this order: clothing, since these are the least emotionally charged things, then books, papers, and finally, the sentimental stuff.

3.  Each thing has its own place. If you feel that your closets have reached the bottom, and everything in them has turned into a mess, where things on the shelves are crushed in the corners, and hangings are overflowing and clothes are already crumpled. Designate each thing its place and your life will automatically become much easier. Use clear locations to keep things in order in their places: divide up spaces in drawers for individual items or categories.

4.  Arrange clothes by color. Lighter ones at the front of the drawer, and darker ones at the far end of the drawer. Place clothes on the shoulders from the darker ones on the left to the lighter ones on the right.

5.  Arrange things by size. If we put things from the same category but different sizes in one place, small things will become invisible, and we need to find everything quickly. It is more rational to separate things of the same category by size.

6.  Store things according to how often they are used. What we use more often, we put closer in an accessible place at an accessible height.

7.  Vertical Storage.  Marie Kondo introduced a method of vertical storage of things, it's very convenient, things are not hidden in a pile under other things. You get only the thing you need, rather than going through the whole stack. And even when folding things this way things take up much less space.

8.  Use transparent containers. Finding the right thing will be much faster if we can see the contents of the container without taking it out. Even in these containers, things should be stored vertically.

9.  Information noise.  When we store food in its original packaging, information noise is created, overwhelming
us with a flood of unnecessary information. Therefore, if you move the food to a separate container, the extra information will disappear and the storage areas will look clearer and tidier. Don't forget to mark products with an expiration date.

10.  Sentimental items.  Every item we use in the house should bring us positive emotions. If it does not bring you joy, you need to get rid of it.


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