The cost of a gaming computer in 2011 and 2021 compared

The author in his blog decided to compare the cost of some parts purchased in May 2011 with the prices of the same parts, but more modern - 2021. compared processors, graphics cards, motherboards, cases, cooling systems, memory modules, SSD and hard drive, power supplies. The total cost of an assembly in 2011 was 34 thousand rubles, and in 2021 - about 165 thousand rubles. Consequently, the price of gaming PC for just 10 years has increased almost five times, although the dollar exchange rate has not become so much higher: less than three times (from 28 rubles to 74 rubles).

The Core i5-2500K processor, in the author's opinion, was even cheap for its level of performance, but the price of the Core i5-11600K is rather overpriced: it should be 18 thousand rubles maximum. The price of motherboards is now close to adequate as they have indeed become better. Among cases even now you can find quality ones for a small price. But it is not so easy with video cards: their price has increased unjustifiably many times due to the pandemic, the lack of production and other factors. For cooling systems the prices are quite adequate, although there are cases where you overpay for the brand. RAM is still available at affordable prices. Hard drives and SSDs are now also quite affordable, and for a small amount of money you can buy a reliable power supply with a capacity of 500-750 watts.

The results of the review show that users are now overpaying most for graphics cards. Good processors and motherboards are also not cheap. And the rest of the parts in Russia have quite adequate prices, taking into account the dollar exchange rate. In this case, according to the author, the main problem is not so much in the rise in prices, as in the lack of growth or decline in real incomes of the population


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