The Crisis Sweeping Our Nation

Naples, FL, is a tourist destination for most, but for some like me, it's home. I have lived here in this beautiful place, but behind the perfect beaches and gorgeous scenery lies a dark secret. Naples, FL, has one of the largest homeless populations in southwest Florida, and it is getting worse and worse by the day. But of cousre, the citizens of this beautiful place have a motto. "Out of sight, out of mind." 

I listened to a police officer say these exact words to one of the homeless community members that I am lucky enough to call my family. I found myself only two months ago right there with my friend, living on the streets and between the horrible way people treat you and the ready availability of drugs.

No wonder 98% of homeless Americans are addicted to opioids. I never touched them, but quite a few people I io know and love dearly are currently addicted, and when I asked why the answer was always a resounding," because it numbs the emotional pain."  I want you, reader, to look within yourself and see if maybe you could be doing more to help your fellow man instead of treating them like scum just because they are less fortunate than you are. You don't know what lead them to the place in life they are at, and you never know; it might just happen to you. 


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