The Dark Side of Social Media

It is almost the last 10 years when social media has become increasingly influential in everyday life. Indonesia as it is known is also the fourth largest social media user country in the world.


In research on the HootSuite site and marketing agency We Are Social entitled "Digital 2021: Global Overview Reports", Indonesia is in the top 10 countries addicted to social media. Indonesia ranks ninth out of 47 countries studied.


Psychology expert, Astrid WEN, believes that the phenomenon of life-threatening actions carried out by teenagers for the sake of content on social media is extraversion behavior. Extraversion individuals tend to be energetic, enthusiastic, dominant, friendly, and communicative. He will also remember all social interactions, interact with more people, and be in control of relationships and peer groups.


In this case, teenagers want to show who they are to get more appreciation or appreciation. Because, said Astrid, for teenagers, the more they show who they are, the more attention they get. If the context is social media, then the award obtained is by getting more likes, viewers, followers, and becoming more popular.


Teenagers are also the age group of the most social media users. According to Astrid, teenagers are very quick to make friends in the digital world. This is due to the characteristics of teenagers who explore and cannot sort out who can be friends, because their level of extraversion is being upheld.


"They think that having a lot of friends seems like a good thing and for teenagers, the anticipation of an event that can happen in the long term is not as strong as adults."


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